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Why You Need a Kilt Hanger

by | Jan 26, 2023 | All About Kilts, Categorized

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep on saying it. Like your finest suit, kilts are an investment that you’d want to keep looking its best for as long as possible. Additionally, kilt wearing is changing the way men see fashion. What better motivation is there to take good care of your kilt.

Why You Need a Kilt Hanger by Ozkilts Similar to traditional kilts, a utility kilt will last a long time if they are well taken care of to maintain it looking bright and new. Traditional kilts are commonly passed on to the next generation, why not a modern utility kilt? That is, if they are well-kept and maintained.

One of the general appeals of kilts when worn are its pleats. It says a lot about you if your kilts are pristine, smooth, and flat.

A kilt can’t be treated like regular clothing that can simply be folded and stored in a drawer or your closet, such practice can potentially crease your kilt if stored improperly, and who really has time for ironing these days! Don’t bother using an ordinary skirt hanger, either. A conventional skirt hanger won’t be able to hold up a kilt’s considerable weight.


The Awesome Utility Kilt Hanger

Forego using a skirt hanger, it just won’t work. Don’t even think about folding it. You may also ‘roll’ it for a short period of time, perhaps during transport. But an absolute must, we recommend you use a utility kilt hanger.

Utility kilt hangers are awesome, let us tell you why. A utility kilt hanger helps keep your utility kilt smooth and flat.

Utility kilt hangers are specifically designed to hold kilts by using heavy-duty clips that ensure your kilt will not slip off or damage the kilt fabric or leave any marks when stored.

Ozkilts all new kilt hangers are specially designed to hold Ozkilts kilts, or any kilt you might have in your wardrobe that has a 2.5 inch belt loop. Its 4 heavy-duty clips are equipped with rubber protectors to ensure that your kilt will not slip off its grip. The rubber protectors also serve as protectors from fabric damage.

To add to our Utility Kilt Hanger’s awesomeness, it is handmade. Much more, its main body is constructed from environmentally friendly wood instead of plastic. But unlike other large garment hangers, Ozkilts Utility Kilt Hangers are custom designed and ensure they fit inside normal-sized wardrobe and most garment bags.


An Aid in Proper Storage

To give your kilt the best chance of lasting a long time, it is important that it be stored properly. After you have worn your kilt, and you are ready to stow it away until your next event, it is advisable to air out your kilt thoroughly.

The reason for this is that any moisture on the kilt can cause mildew to form when immediately stored. Mildew is hard to remove and might end up damaging your fabulous kilt. 

The best way to air your kilt is outside, but not under direct sunlight where it might cause bleaching. Or, you can opt to air it out in a warm, well-ventilated area.

Inspect your kilt thoroughly, making sure it’s fully dry. Use our utility kilt hanger by clipping the entire top of the kilt. Ensure that both the kilt’s front and back are clipped together without sagging. Sagging may cause the kilt material to stretch, causing bigger problems later on. So it’s best to avoid this issue from happening in the first place.

Once you hang your kilt where you intended to store it, make sure it has ample space from your other clothes and that it is not pushing against them. In the event you are travelling, it’s better to only fold your kilt for a short term, or you might try rolling your kilt. You wouldn’t want creases to form on your kilt, as who likes to iron!

The best option of course is by using our utility kilt hanger and, if you like, a garment bag. Simply fold your kilt in half lengthwise and then half again, and clip it into place using its 4 clips. Once clipped into place, arrange the pleats. Once your kilt is fastened using the hanger, it will not fall off. Place it in the garment bag for added protection, and you’re good to go.

Storing a kilt isn’t all that difficult, but it is important to know the basics to make sure your kilt always looks its best and perfect at every event, function, or activity you participate in. 


Ozkilts Utility Kilt Hangers for Kilt Longevity

When it comes to kilt storage, the classic question we often get asked is, should I roll my kilt or hang it up on a hanger in the closet? Which method of kilt storage is best for your kilt’s health and longevity?

We must admit – we prefer hanging the kilt. Kilt rolling with its pleats in the centre when travelling is a very helpful skill in a pinch. It can also be an option if space is an issue. Rolling a kilt for drawer storage if you don’t intend to keep it for very long.

However, if you want to retain your utility kilt’s shape, you can do so much easier by hanging your kilt using a utility kilt hanger. Hanging your kilt allows it to “breathe.” Any activity you do can cause perspiration to be absorbed by your kilt. Hanging it up allows air to flow around your kilt’s fabric also helping it disperse odours and dissipate moisture.

If moths are your concern, simply hanging your kilt in your wardrobe with cedar planks will help repel moths. Of course, this won’t be an issue if you wear your kilt often. A good dry cleaning, if necessary once in a while also helps.

The good thing about kilts is that it is not necessary to wash them as frequently. If you happen to stain your kilt, baby wipes are excellent in removing fresh stains. Or you can make do, using a clean cloth with a bit of warm water. Just dab it on the stained section, never rub, it will only get worse.

One sure fire way to ensure your kilt’s longevity is storing it bone dry. Hanging your kilt with kilt hangers is sufficient to air dry your kilt and have it ready for your next use. Additionally, hanging your kilt helps it in keeping it crease free, maintain its fit and look of your kilt and makes them easy to store. Hanging it unfolded with pleats downward and placed inside a garment bag is the best way to protect it from moulds and dust.

If, for some reason, your kilt has a few light creases on it, hanging it on a kilt hanger for a while can help get it back to normal. The good news is, modern utility kilts don’t really need to be constantly ironed or pressed, simply hanging it helps fix the problem.


Why You Need a Kilt Hanger by Ozkilts To Conclude

Taking the best care possible for your kilt helps in ensuring that you enjoy your kilts for years. You only need to take care of your kilt as the need arises.

In case you need to store your kilt for long periods, or even short-term storage, a utility kilt hanger is one accessory you can’t do without. Don’t forget to share this with other kilt lovers, as it can prove helpful and worthy for them.

Get your Utility Kilt Hanger from Ozkilts, today!