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Be A Part Of Our Kilted Clan Community

by | Sep 30, 2021 | All About Kilts, Categorized

The Kilted Clan… It’s what we affectionally call people who love kilts as much as we do. It’s pretty much the same with every enthusiast group’s right? A group of automotive/car enthusiasts is called Gearheads or Petrol Heads (depending on which version of English you subscribe to), a group of Dungeons and Dragon players are called “Adventurers”, a group of guys just talking is called a podcast.
More recently, a group of gamers belonging to a team has also been called a clan.

Humans are a social species, after all, so it’s no wonder why we have so many unique terms for the groups we associate with.


What is a Clan?

Be A Part Of Our Kilted Clan Community by Ozkilts A clan (not to be confused with a Klan, which is a whooooooole different and uncomfortable discussion) is a group of people united by blood or a feeling of kinship. In the original definition, a clan revolves around an important founding member or ancestor. The thing with clans is that it basically predates a lot of forms of formal government and forms of community, and it exists in every country.

One fun fact is that the origin of the word Clan is from an old Irish “Clann” (not a typo) that means descendant, children, or offspring. It’s not from the old Irish or Scottish Gaelic word for family. This means that a clan is more about being a group that has kinship in its mind rather than familial bonds.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to belong to a group. In fact, there are some surprising benefits to it.


Benefits of Belonging

 Security: You are not alone. This might be the most important benefit of being in a group. Let’s be honest, anxiety, depression and loneliness are pretty much par for the course in the last couple of years since the pandemic blindsided all of us, so finding groups that can give you a sense of camaraderie in these times of isolation can work wonders on your mental health.

  1. Status: Fraternities, private clubs, secret societies like the Freemasons, inclusive groups like these give an air of exclusivity and mystery especially for those viewing it from the outside.
  2. Self-esteem: You’re being part of a group can give a boost to your feelings of self-worth. The feeling of being needed by your fellow group members increases your self-worth.
  3. Affiliation: The feeling of belongingness, of actually interacting with people and fulfilling your personal social needs. This is a benefit of belonging in a group. They say that no man is an island. Sure loners and introverts are a thing but innately we humans are social creatures. We need the interactions. We need relationships with other people, and being in a group can satisfy that need.


What sets us apart from Scottish kilt companies?

What sets us apart from Scottish kilt companies? Well foremost we’re I the opposite side of the globe. We’re an Australian-based kilt company. They use traditional tartan and hand-make their kilts, while we use highly durable cotton blends and machines. They have had centuries of tradition. We don’t have the history, but to paraphrase the musical Hamilton. We’re young, scrappy, and hungry, and we’re not throwing away our shot.

Despite the differences, there is one thing that we both have that overrules all the differences we might have. That is, we both love kilts.


Which Kilt is for you?

The Utility Kilt is considered the SUV of kilts. Meaning they can look good but at the same time can be tough, can go anywhere and yet still remain comfy, and you can take them to any occasion even formal ones, depending on how you spec the SUV. Just like SUV’s our kilts have specialities. Not all of them are made equal.

When deciding on what utility kilt to buy. We suggest in considering 3 things: Pleats, Colours, and Features.

  • Pleats: What will you be using your kilt for? Would you use it for work? Would you be using to go out? I’m asking because pleats may be a big factor in your choice. There are 2 choices for pleats here. Knife and box pleats. Knife pleats are the traditional pleating for kilts, it’s tighter and perfect for dressier occasions or the times when you’re just to look dapper in your kilt. The Box Pleats on the other hand are considered a more utilitarian and casual pleating, it’s more comfortable and easier to move in.
  • Colours: When picking a kilt, you should pick a colour that can match your outfits and personality. Personally we suggest going with neutral colours like black, brown, tan. Those are the easiest to match with. Also, some of our kilts have a secondary accent colour. That help the kilt pop out even more. So you can go mild or wild depending on as you want.
  • Features: Just like with the SUV analogy before, different kilts have different features, some come with different fastening systems, buckles, chains, pockets. Some even have a reflective high-vis strip on the front, heck, one of our kilts is even fire-resistant. So pick the features that appeal to you the most.


Basics on how to wear a utility kilt

  1. Wrapping the kilt: Wrapping the kilt is the first step of course. Usually, the right side will be covered by the left side of the kilt. The top of the kilt should traditionally be around your waist. The pleats should be at the back and the apron (flat panels) in front. The two aprons will then overlap at the front. Listen, you’re not wearing a mini skirt, so the kilt should be covering your knees.
  2. Strap it up: It depends on which utility kilt you get, but all kilts have a fastening system to keep it in place. Be it Velcro, straps, etc. Fasten the kilt. Remember, do NOT over tighten the fasteners as this WILL ruin the structure of the kilt. Just adjust it till it’s a perfect fit.

Still confused? Here’s an instructional video that can help you visualise it better from Macgregor and Macduff.


How to join the kilted clan Be A Part Of Our Kilted Clan Community by Ozkilts

Joining the kilted clan is pretty easy. You don’t even have to get kilts from us (But we would definitely appreciate it if you do). You just need to love kilts and the kilted lifestyle and connect with us on our Social Medias. That’s it.

So if you love kilts as much as we do. You can connect with us and other like-minded kilted clan on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you’re looking for high quality and highly durable utility kilts, you can look no further than Ozkilts.