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Rave Utility Kilts

Rave Utility Kilts

$189.00 AUD



– Fully Adjustable (For the Perfect Fit)
– Deluxe Leather Strap Fastening System
– 100% Quality Cotton Stretch
– Bright Reflective Trim
– Large cargo pockets either side

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The Rave kilt is like the Loki of Kilts. Why? because it was designed for the Glorious Purpose of Standing out and to quote Rihanna “Shine Bright like a diamond. This kilt was made to be noticed.  The Main attraction point for the Rave kilt is the Reflective Hi-Visibility Lime/Yellow Strip on the Apron.  You might be wondering “WHY!?!” and we’ll say… Because it looks cool.

The kilt itself is made from 100% heavy duty cotton. This gives our kilts high durability and unparalleled breathability compared to their Tartan, leather and denim counterparts. Be comfortable with the fact that our kilts will last you a long time, all while keeping you well ventilated whatever activity you might be doing. As for color options we would like to paraphrase Henry Ford “You can get our Rave kilts in any color you want… As long as it’s Black”. We made this decision so that the reflective trim will pop and be as eye catching as possible.

Our Rave Utility Kilt comes with a knife pleated design. This gives the kilt it a nice, clean, and tight fit. No matter how you move, be it strutting your stuff on the dance floor. Or just chillin’ like a villain your kilt will keep its shape and keep you looking sharp. We also include large cargo pockets with the Rave utility kilt, after all, Utility is an important factor in Utility kilts.

Speaking of fit, our Rave Utility kilt comes with our standard, ethically sourced faux-leather strap. Which gives you a perfect fit at all times. While were talking about fit, see our sizing guide for more information on selecting your correct size for a perfect fit.

Wearing a kilt is already a head turner. But if you want to ramp that to break neck levels then get the Rave Utility Kilt. The Rave Utility kilt, be a one man party, wherever you go.

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Fluro Strip Lime


S, M, L, XL

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