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Maintaining Your Utility Kilt.

by | Aug 19, 2021 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Maintaining Your Utility Kilt by Ozkilts We usually compare our utility kilts to Off-road SUV’s to the Hummer, Range Rovers and G-class Mercedes. They are iconic in how they look like, and they are tough as heck while being comfortable even when going off-road. While it’s a fact that modern utility kilts are stylish, unique, comfortable and sturdy, like automobiles they need to be cared for, for them to last for a long time.

To get the most out of your kilt, and let’s face it our utility kilts are not cheap, so we want you to get the longest use out of our kilts. In this article, we will be discussing 2 major topics, How to take care of your kilt and How to iron your kilt.

We know boys will be boys and just dump everything in a single load in their washing machine (guilty with this) but with a kilt we’re hoping (and honestly praying) that some common sense will be exercised. We here at Ozkilts suggests you might want to read some tips on how to extend your Utility kilts’ life.


Utility Kilt Maintenance Tips.

1. Avoid Fast Washing and DO NOT wash your kilt with large items – Firstly. Don’t dump your kilt in a washer with big items like your pants, hoodies, etc. Our utility kilts have buckles, clips cargo pockets, and more that can easily get tangled up while in the wash. We suggest washing your kilts using a slow spin cycle or the delicate wash setting on your washing machine.

2. DO NOT dry in direct sunlight – Most of the time the sun is our friend, giving warmth, gravity, vitamin D and photosynthesis to our little rock floating in space. Sometimes it’s an annoying bastard that gives us skin cancer, sun burn, droughts, etc. One of the annoying aspect of sunlight is the phenomenon known as sun bleaching aka photodegradation, simply put, when you put something out in the sun, and it is exposed directly to natural sunlight, the colours will begin to fade. You can see this in cars that are always parked outside that the colour of their paint starts to fade over time. The same goes with our kilts, technically the same goes with almost everything, but more so with kilts since kilts have layers and layers of pleats which makes the fading more pronounced because of the uneven fading between the inner and outer layers of the kilt.

3. Hang dry – Do NOT machine dry the kilts. Machine drying will cause unwanted wear and shrinkage on your kilt. Some of our kilts like the workman’s kilts should NEVER be put into the drier because of the other materials used to make it. So hang it out to dry. And don’t forget number 2.

4. DO NOT TIGHTEN TOO MUCH, USE A BELT – we pride ourselves in giving you a kilt fastening system that allows for a perfect fit. But it would be unwise to tighten the kilt too much since the fasteners and buckles will take all the strain and this might cause the kilt to warp and stretch. Use a belt or suspenders if you need to.

5. Washing too often = Bad – Yes, you heard that right. You don’t need to wash your kilt too much. Since kilts don’t hug your body too tightly, it means that Kilts don’t absorb your sweat that much. You can just air dry them, and they’re good to go. This of course will vary depending on your use and what kind of mess it was exposed to.

6. Avoid Using Fabric Softeners – Fabric softeners can soften out the creases in the pleats of the kilt. By using fabric conditioners, the kilts structure and shape will be degraded over time.


Ironing Tips.

Our kilts usually don’t need to be ironed. If you followed the tips above, then that would ensure that your kilt has kept its proper shape and is in great condition. But from time to time you might want your kilt to look extra sharp and spiffy, a quick ironing would be the solution to get your kilt back to 100%. Our kilts are primarily made from cotton and as such are a lot more forgiving than the traditional tartan wool, but some care still needs to be considered, especially with the shape. So here are some ironing tips for your Utility kilt.

1. Prepare Your Kilt – You will need a fair bit of space for this. Lay your kilt on a flat surface, and you cannot use an ironing board since it is too narrow. You can use a sizeable table or perhaps the floor. Preheat your iron to appropriate heat setting (for cotton)

2. Steam is your friend– Set your iron to steam your kilt. Place the apron on the surface with the underside of the kilt facing towards you, and arrange the pleats. Use a damp cloth, place it on the underside to protect the fabric and place the iron on the cloth. No need to iron it back and forth, as simply placing the iron on the fabric will do the job. Lift the fabric and place it on the next section of the kilt. Maintaining Your Utility Kilt by Ozkilts

3. Do not iron anything except for the cotton – Our kilts come with some extra features and emblems. For example, our Rave Utility Kilt has a reflective strip on the Apron, you should not in any case iron over them as it will cause damage to those features and emblems.

This has been my basic guide for the care of your Utility Kilt. To summarise it in a TLDR (Too long, did not read) way. It boils down to, don’t wash your kilt too much, don’t wash it with fabric softener, don’t wash it in high setting or with large article of clothing, don’t use a dryer, hang dry only and not in direct sunlight, otherwise it will fade, for the last maintenance tip is that you should not over tighten the kilt using the fastening system, use a belt or suspender. If you follow those tips, your utility kilt will be around for quite some time, and you can use it to the fullest.  While you are here, check out our selection of utility kilts and specialised kilt hanger. Have an awesome day.