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How Kilts are Changing the Way Men See Fashion

by | Mar 31, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized

We are not pulling anyone’s leg when we say that the kilt is the most versatile piece of clothing any man can have in his wardrobe. You can say that a kilt is the secret weapon in a man’s wardrobe.

The kilt can be worn casually down to a t-shirt and sneakers. It can be worn as a dressed down semiformal or business attire, or as a formal attire with proper jacket and accessories – all with the same kilt. Needless to say, this item of clothing is the most versatile of all men’s wear.

Fashion and style change. If fashion remained stagnant, women would only wear dresses and men would still be wearing loincloths. The same applied to kilts. Purists would still wear fully woolen kilts with all the traditional accessories. Today, we wear modern versions, including utility kilts.


Changing Fashion

We’re sure that there may be some that are wary of wearing traditional kilts. But if we dive deeper into gender-neutral fashion, the idea of all-inclusive kilts is slowly becoming a widespread notion. 

Of course, the kilt has undergone a significant style revolution as kilts now are worn by many not only daily, but in work, and various events. Today, most trendsetters re-styled the kilt to symbolise counterculture. It’s no longer a sign of strict uniformity. Fashion forward individuals are free to wear them on an everyday basis.


How Kilts are Changing the Way Men See Fashion by Ozkilts Kilts Are More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Is it fashion? Most definitely! But kilts are more than just a fashion statement, especially when modern utility kilts are concerned. One thing is certain, a kilt on a man is sexy and exuding masculinity.

The great thing about modern kilts is that they aren’t being worn just as a fashion statement – there are a lot of men today who wear them every day, simply because they like them. One area in particular are men who perform tough and dirty jobs.

To these men, those that have the stones to properly don one, it gives them a strengthened sense of pride and manliness. Oddly enough, there are numerous scientific studies that proves this.


Why More Men are Wearing Kilts

With more and more men are discovering the kilt, kilt-wearing has become a growing modern trend and are conversation pieces. Today, kilts provide an enduring and fashion forward way to wear it with pride and enthusiasm.

There are men who love the fit, form, comfort, and function of kilts enough to wear them all the time. A good kilt moves with you. They look great with or without knee socks, hiking boots, and show the world you want to stand out in style and significance.

Another reason why men wear kilts is that a lot of them are looking for something that’s practical and are cooler to wear than pants or shorts. Traditional kilts were a great idea, but they seem an impractical everyday wear.

In comes the modern utility kilts that are patterned after the Scottish kilts but with pockets and belts and are washable. There is no particular demographic of men who wear kilts, but all who do wear them are, more often than not, free-spirited.

These men don’t worry about what people are saying or thinking about them. They got that authority, confidence, and boss-like persona that exudes and projected outwards.


Literal Wearing Enjoyment for Centuries

If you have been noticing that more men are wearing kilts lately, it’s probably due to the fact that they know something that you don’t. Or more importantly, they are enjoying something that you haven’t had the chance to experience yet.

In essence, kilt wearing men get to experience the best design ever invented as far as comfort is concerned. The cosiness of the kilt is what they have over trousers or pants. Yes, it is indeed comfortable, and those who have yet to try them don’t realise the satisfying nature a kilt gives.

Think of your most satisfying pair of shorts, multiply that by a factor of a hundred, perhaps even more. Kilts provide a ton of breathing room down there. It’s like liberating and providing an enjoyable amount of space for your prized jewels.

Additionally, kilts are an excellent choice if you want to look and feel cool – literally. Air circulation passes through the legs and the pelvic region. For warm Australian summers, this is a luxury. Plus factor is, it is extremely easy for man to move and manoeuvre in. 

A kilt will never be restricting as short and pants in many ways. It is arguably the most premium piece of clothing comfort that is essential for you.


Practical Outdoor Wear

How Kilts are Changing the Way Men See Fashion by Ozkilts Men who have never kilts doesn’t realise that materials used for kilts are actually more durable than most shorts. Additionally, they are more practical than Batman’s utility belt, especially for those who work in construction or hiking, and are required to move a lot.

In situations where it requires one to carry tools, wearing a utility kilt provides greater advantage. Utility kilts are usually designed with deep pockets to be able to hold anything. Additionally, compartments can be altered on a kilt.

Unlike cargo shorts, pouches, and hooks can be easily added to hold your essentials. More so, these utility kilt pouches can be detached, there is no such facility for cargo shorts.

You can also incorporate hooks, clasps, and keychains. For men who work and play outdoors, consider it an upgraded version of cargo shorts, but, with an added level of extreme comfort.

Another plus factor to consider is that, they are not only cool, but they are also extremely stylish. Think about it, it’s probably these reasons why they have been around for so long. And today, there’s probably very few people in the world who doesn’t know what a kilt is.

Whether you’re feeling experimental or just tired of basic shorts, why not give and try wearing a kilt a shot? Read what some of those who joined our kilted clan has to say. Check out our trendy range of utility kilts, your crotch will thank you for it.