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More Ways to Pay With Ozkilts

Finally, you have decided to join the kilted clan and picked your first set of kilt that suits your fancy. You finally decide to check out your purchase and face which payment facility to use to pay for your exquisite set of kilts.

It’s no surprise that customers expect speed, ease of use, and the variety of choice at any vendor page. As we are still dealing with COVID-19 at this point where people are subject to random restrictions, which resulted in people mostly shopping online for most goods including apparel, electronics, food, and yes, even kilts.

We at Ozkilts® make sure that we can satisfy our customers by providing various payment options to take away the pain and frustration you might encounter when checking out and paying for your purchase.


More Ways to Pay With Ozkilts Credit Cards

Even before the advent of other online payment facilities came into existence, the credit card is the go-to payment used by people to pay for their purchases, whether online or even at physical stores.

The advantage of credit card transactions is that they are typically easier to be traced online than if they use debit, money orders, or checks. Using cards more than often provide an amount of coverage for fraudulent purchases. This is helpful for cardholders if their credit card information happens to fall into unscrupulous hands.

We at Ozkilts® do accept secured payment using the following cards for use with the purchase of your choice kilts from our extensive range of well-designed and sturdy utility kilts. We accept:

          • Visa
          • Mastercard
          • American Express
          • JCB

Keep in mind that before making any purchases online, it is safe practice to never ever provide your card information over email or via text message. Also, if you use your credit card to pay for your purchases online, avoid any websites that don’t use a secure payment site.

A good indicator that the site is secure is to inspect your browser and see if there is a lock icon on top of the browser and/or the website address begins with “https” instead of just “http.”

As with all things involving your finances, be sure to always read the fine print and inform yourself on what you’re getting involved with before taking the plunge.


Online Payment Services

As one would expect from online payment facilities and/or providers, most modern online payment services offer fast, secure, and easy-to-use ways to pay.

The convenience of paying through this method is it cuts out the need to provide long card details or other personal information. What they do, instead, is to operate using a payment method that employs a third-party processing, which speeds up the checkout process.

The ability to accept payments online has become a staple for both large and small businesses, elevating the importance of electronic payment systems.

Convenience is the primary reason why users prefer to shop online, and as merchants that provide quality kilts, we must cater to this customer preference.

Below are some ways you can use to pay for your awesome Ozkilts® Kilts.



Apart from credit and debit cards, PayPal is one of the top payment methods that is available today. PayPal has a user base of over 416 million worldwide.

This eBay owned entity is an eCommerce payment processing company. PayPal allows users to set up an account for free and simply pay a fee for each transaction you, the user, makes.

Most customers prefer to use PayPal during checkout for the simple reason that it is quick and so simple to use. Additionally, its perceived level of security is already tried and tested by online shoppers and merchants alike.

However, do keep in mind that rules and fees vary, depending on which currency is being used, and the amount involved in the transaction.



Stripe is another payment option you can use with Ozkilts®. The way it works is similar to that of PayPal. The main difference is that PayPal is best suited for small businesses.

Stripe, on the other hand, is better suited for companies that wants more flexibility and the availability of customising practically every process of the online payment experience.

It is very secure to use Stripe, and they are trusted by thousands of businesses of varying sizes across the globe, including many Fortune 500 companies. Like PayPal, securing a Stripe account is quick and easy, and it takes only a few minutes of your time.

Stripe is also certified to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses around the world.



Founded in Australia, AfterPay works much like your regular credit card. The difference is, unlike paying with a credit card, there is no need to provide Personal information and card details when making online purchases.

Basically, AfterPay works by allowing you to purchase anything online now and pay later, interest free. With AfterPay, you get to shop now and pay for your purchase spread over four payments, with the first payment due upon checkout. The remaining balance, is payable every two weeks for a total of six weeks.

With AfterPay, users are allowed to finance large purchases, as long as they can make regular payments on time. You can essentially use AfterPay for free, however, if you miss a payment by 10 days, you will be charged a late fee up to $8.00.

AfterPay makes your kilt shopping more convenient with Ozkilts®. Our customers are provided the flexibility they want in managing their shopping budgets. To ensure that you don’t miss payments, AfterPay sends payment reminders via SMS and email before due.



By employing online payment facilities, you’ll save money on postage and late fees, as well as ensuring that you pay on time. Online bill payments are also safe and much faster than tradition modes of payment.

Another advantage of online payments is that you are not constrained by time and location when making your purchases, and you can easily make payments at any time, wherever you are across the world safely and fast.

For more information about Ozkilts® and to answer questions you may have, do visit Ozkilts® FAKQ page.

Why We Offer Free Shipping

There are sketchy and unscrupulous online sellers out there that operate like bad offshoots of eBay or Amazon. It may not be far-fetched that many will fall prey to these sites, for they offer a myriad of products that are relatively dirt cheap.

On top of that, they also offer free items that come with your purchase, or basically give you free items wherein the only expense you would need to shell out is to pay for shipping and handling.

Sounds good right? Think again. You can’t really be serious, being duped into something that sounds too good to be skipped. If anything, every thing that sounds too good to be true can really turn out to be such an utter disappointment.

But we’re not here to talk about your online buying decisions. After all, if you’re here and have already set your sights on one or several of our Australian Made Kilts, and be part of the kilted community, then you can’t bloody be accused of being such a flaming galah.


Who is Eligible for Free Shipping

Why We Offer Free Shipping by Ozkilts Yes, you read right from the title that we at Ozkilts® do offer free shipping for your purchase/s, and we will deliver wherever you are in the world through our hand-picked delivery partners. All you have to do is to place your order/s with us, we then will create your handsome new kilt, and ship it to you, priced as is from our site, but absent the regular shipping cost.

And, yeah, this offer is good, and every one who chose to avail any model from our line of kilts is eligible for free shipping here at Ozkilts®.

Our usual dispatch time is just one day from the date of order for items that are ready and in stock. Once your item is shipped, you’ll receive an email from us to let you know that you may log into your account on our website and track your delivery from there.

If for any reason you encounter an issue with your parcel, you may get in touch with us at We will be more than glad to sort you out. Do note that deliver time would take 3-5 business days from date of dispatch for local Australian customers. Our international buyers would expect delivery within 1–2 weeks.

As with most deliveries, we cannot guarantee exact delivery times, but rest assured that we have measures to put everything in place to make our deliveries smooth as possible for you.


Remote Location Deliveries

In instances that your place of residence is defined as a remote area by our delivery providers, you may have to shoulder a surcharge for delivery. If our carrier rejects your delivery due to your location as a ‘remote area’.  You may have to pay for a remote surcharge for your kilt to be able to be delivered to you.

When deliveries like these occur, we cannot offer refunds for purchased kilts due to delivery issues in instances where any or all of these situations apply:

  • You live in a remote area
  • You did not collect your package
  • Erroneous delivery details

If these situations concern you, do let us know before placing your order.


Need your Kilt in a Hurry?

No problemo! Express Shipping is also now available for all orders, although we have to let you know that you may have to shoulder a small additional charge on this one. And we also have to inform you that if you are an international buyer, you may also be responsible for any import duties and/or taxes that may be subject to your countries or territories tax and import laws.

Understand that it has nothing to do with us, and this may as well be due on collection at your local post office. Do check with your local import authority if you have queries regarding your local import laws and duties.

We’d more than be glad to see you and more men be free and wearing our kilts in brotherhood, but it is impossible for us to keep tabs on every import requirements of every country.

The average delivery time on local express orders will take from 1-2 business days from the date of order. It will take 3-5 business days internationally. Similar to regular shipping, we cannot guarantee exact shipping dates and times, but we do provide you a way to track your parcel.


A New Mode of Payment for our Australian Customers

We have great news for our Australian Customers, we now offer Afterpay.

With Afterpay, you can now pay for your purchases with affordable instalment plans for our online and in-store shoppers. With Afterpay, you can now pay for your purchase in four equal instalments that are due every 2 weeks.

More good news is, there will be no additional cost to you when using Afterpay, just as long as you pay on time. No interest will be imposed on you, and you will receive your order straight away.

Afterpay makes shopping more convenient for you by enabling you to get the things you want, when you want them, while helping you manage your payments over time, interest-free.

To make it easier for you and for you not to miss your payments, Afterpay will send you a notice via SMS and an email before your due date comes.

Additionally, Afterpay hopes to release multi-currency support in the near future. This is good news for our international customers, so do stay tuned for that!


In Conclusion

Ozkilts® are designed and tested in Australia, but that shouldn’t stop our buyers from getting a pair or more of their own regardless of where you are in the world. So why gamble your hard-earned money from sketchy sellers offering you items that may or not be of use to you.

Get Ozzy made kilts from Ozkilts®, and get quality kilts made with Australian Standards. Help your Ozzy mates and buy local. We ship free, and you help raise the Australian economy. For more details about our Australian made kilts, visit our FAKQs page.

We now offer AFTERPAY to our Australian Customers


Great news for our Australian Customers, we now offer Afterpay!

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay offers simple and affordable instalment plans for online and in-store shoppers. The payment platform allows you to purchase in four equal instalments, due every 2 weeks. For example, if you purchase an item for $200, you pay 4 instalments of $50. There is no additional cost to use Afterpay, so long as you pay on time. All of your payments are interest-free, and you will receive your order straight away.

We are customer-centric

Afterpay is a unique service which was founded to champion the customer’s best interests when it comes to making retail purchases.

We are a budgeting tool

Splitting payments into 4 instalments. You pay nothing extra when you pay on time, according to your payment schedule. It is easy to view orders and payment schedules in the App to manage all budgets.

We are a shopping platform

Afterpay is a lifestyle product which makes shopping more convenient. Enabling you to get the things you want when you want them, while managing payments over time.

We are a new way to shop

Afterpay gives shoppers the flexibility they want to manage their budgets.

We encourage responsible spending

We send payment reminders — communicating via SMS and email prior to payments becoming due. Afterpay helps customers pay on time.

Afterpay benefits from customers paying off their orders in full and on time. Afterpay applies personal order and account limits – they start low and increase as payment history with Afterpay is positive.

AFTERPAY have informed us that they are hoping to release multi currency support sometime in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

What fastening systems are available on your kilts?
Picture of Flex Pleats and Detachable Pockets

Velcro Fastening System with ‘flex pleats

A Velcro along the front apron belt line which can be adjusted for a perfect quick fit. Kilts with our Velcro fastening also come with criss-cross flexible elastic pleats either side of the kilt to add extra comfort and longevity to the garment, each kilt with flex-pleats also contains detachable pockets. This highly versatile fastening system allows for a great range of movement, especially for those sitting, running, or working in their kilts.

leather system

Leather Fastening System

Offers a wide range of adjustment. Not as quick or easy to fit and remove as Velcro , a slightly more rigid fit when compared to the kilt with the Velcro Fastening System with Flex Pleats.

buckle fastening

Buckle Hip Fastening System

We no longer produce these as standard across our range in favour for the above two more versatile and modern fastening systems, however we can take bulk special orders, so just send us an email and we will see what we can do.

How adjustable are your Kilts?

Our Leather Strap + Velcro kilts now offer a huge 5 inches of adjustment in approximately 1 inch increments.

OZKILTS Sizing chart:

Small – 28″-33″ / 71cm-84cm
Medium – 34″-39″ / 86cm-99cm
Large – 40″-45″ / 101cm-115cm
X-Large- 46″-51″ / 116cm-130cm

Please note: Sizing is subject to a manufacturing variance of approximately 1.5inches (this is fashion industry standards), and while the adjustments up or down are not ‘exactly’ 1 inch, more often than not they offer a perfect level of adjustment for comfortable wear, no matter how big of a Sunday Roast you have just gotten through.

It is important to note however, our Velcro Fastening Kilts offer a bit more granular adjustment. Our flex pleats that come with our velcro give about .5-1 inches of flexbility around the hips (great for sitting, standing, walking etc). The Elastic lace is also easily replaceable (and inexpensive) should it wear over extended use.

Whats this I hear about FREE SHIPPING??? Am I eligible?

All our orders throughout the world are eligible for free shipping! So YES, just place your order and we will create your beautiful new kilt, and ship it to you using our Hand Picked Delivery Partners.

For items in stock (if you are placing a back order you will be informed during purchase), our usual dispatch time is just 1 business day from date of order, once shipped, we will email you letting you know, you can then log into your account on our website and use our parcel tracking system to track your delivery! If you ever have an issue with your parcel just get in touch with us at and we will get you sorted! You can also view your tracking + delivery partner contact details on the ship tracking page so you can contact them directly too. Our average delivery time is now only 3-5 business days from the date of dispatch for local Australian customers and around 1-2 weeks for most international. As with most delivery, we cannot guarantee delivery times, but we have put everything in place to make this as smooth as possible.

Notes on REMOTE LOCATION deliveries: Any residences defined as being located in remote areas according to our delivery providers, may incur a surcharge for delivery. If you live in a remote area, we attempt delivery and it is rejected by our carrier as being a ‘remote area’, you may be required to pay a remote surcharge in order to receive delivery of your kilt (We simply pass the these fees on from the delivery providers, we have seen these fees be up to 30-40 USD in some really remote area situations, however this is rare). We will not offer refunds on orders already purchased because of delivery issues in circumstances where any/all of the following apply: You live in a remote area, did not collect the package, didn’t enter correct delivery details. If you are concerned about this please contact us prior to placing an order.

NOW OFFERING EXPRESS DELIVERY: For a small additional fee we can expedite your shipment using express shipping. Our average delivery time on express is 1-2 business days from order locally, or 3-5 business days internationally. (as with normal shipping, we cannot guarantee shipping dates/times, but we will supply you tracking!)

Is your Phoenix Kilt really fireproof?

We do our best to ensure our Phoenix Kilts is as Fire Resistant as possible, with extra features for fire safety. To do this, we use a heavy duty 100% Cotton as Recommended by Fire Performers, this should give you a nice +5 boost to fire resistance.

Now, of course we need to disclaim that this does NOT make you 100% fireproof, if you run into a burning building wearing just your kilt, you will get burned!!! We hold no responsibility for accidents or injury caused by exposing our Kilts to flame or extreme temperatures. As always, safety first, when in doubt, leave it to the professionals!!

These kilts also come with our Velcro Fastening System, and our Flex Pleat Design, for easy removal or change during performances or daily wear, added comfort, and detachable pockets so you can keep them out of the way when they are not needed.

How long will my kilt take to arrive from the time I order?

We pride ourselves on a quality product and service, and have spent considerable time optimising the ordering and fulfilment process of OzKilts for you. Our ongoing popularity from Kilt enthusiasts worldwide has seen us rapidly grow, and our current average time from Order to Arrival at your door is now just 3-7 business days. Our orders leave our warehouse usually within 1 business day of order. If your particular ordered size, style or colour is not in stock, then you will notified but still be able to place a pre-order, ETA’s on pre-orders can be 3-6 months in some rare cases so be forewarned.

Once your order has been received, packed and shipped, as soon as we have a tracking number you will be notified, at which point you can track your delivery by logging into ‘My Account‘ on the OzKilts website.

NOW OFFERING EXPRESS DELIVERY: For a small additional fee we can expedite your shipment using express shipping. Our average delivery time on express is 1-2 business days from order locally, or 3-5 business days internationally. (as with normal shipping, we cannot guarantee shipping dates/times, but we will supply you tracking!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of our international delivery providers cannot send your package to a parcel locker or PO-BOX you will need to send it to an address where someone can sign. Should delivery not be able to be made (eg nobody is home or at the office etc), then they will leave a card where you can arrange redelivery, or arrange to pick-up the item from the nearest delivery depot. As with any delivery service, you are liable for any fees if you request a redelivery after not being home to collect the package multiple times.

How much do kilt customisations cost?

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. With the almost infinite possible combinations, types, and modifications that can be done to a kilt, we do all our custom pricing on a case by case basis after talking with our fabric stockists and our stitch masters to ensure we fairly compensate all for work involved with any modifications.

Currently, we are only taking bulk orders of 5+ kilts for custom orders. Get in touch with me directly at should you want to place or enquire about a custom order.

Just wondering if there was any stockists around to pop into and try before I buy?

Due to the fact we have so many different sizes and colours, and are always aiming to expand and improve our range, we don’t have any local stockists currently (although we are in discussions with a few possible ones).

If you have any suggestions for a stockist that you would like, or if you are a stockist who wants to stock our Kilts, feel free to get in touch with me to discuss at

We will of course let everyone know through our usual social media and website channels if and when new stockists come onboard.

What is the length of your kilts… will they be long/short enough for me?

All our Kilts are a Standard/Average 24inch Drop, (about 61cm).

For the vast majority of sizes/heights, this is an appropriate average length. For example, I am 6ft3, and I find this length is fine, during our recent photo-shoot we had models around 5.5ft and this length was still without issue (obviously this may vary as everybody is different and has different length bodies, even those who are the same height), you may also have your own preferences.

If it is of concern, measuring up for drop length is super easy! Simply just measure from your Waist (or if you wear your kilt on your belly measure from here), then measure to the middle of your knee. Alternatively,  you might find it easier to kneel on the floor, and measure from your Waist/Belly to the floor, this is your drop length. Please note, all our standard stock is 24inch drop, as such if you want a custom kilt made we can do this but the cost will increase for a single unit order, and expect to wait several weeks for us to make the kilt to your specifications. Contact for more information on custom orders.

Generally speaking, in several years of selling kilts, we have not had a single customer with an issue with our standard drop length, so lets hope that trend continues!

Hi bud, do you mind me asking where your kilts are made?

OZKILTS are designed and tested in Australia. We have 2 “Stitch Masters” in Australia that we use for local customisation, sample creation and basic repairs (in house stuff like samples and testing of modifications).

In order to manufacturer our garments, we partner with a Professional Kilt Manufacturing Company whom are based in Pakistan, our accessories are made for us to our specifications from relevant manufacturing partners in both China & Pakistan. Our manufacturers make kilts and accessories for us based on our very specific design specification documents that have been prepared by a qualified and highly trained fashion designer. OZKILTS is a trademarked brand and while our designs may seem similar to others, there has been years of work optimising our designs, fabrics and notions, that the competition and ‘copycats’ simply dont have. We go through rigorous sampling, fabric testing, quality assurance testing, notions testing and are constantly tweaking our design specs in order to ensure the highest quality product. These are no toys, and the customisation is overseen by a formally trained, and highly skilled fashion designer who specialises in hard wearing gear.

We find this combination allows us to scale production, and test designs locally, while working with our Stitch Masters overseas to provide quality and affordability for Australia, America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and for our other International Customers. The last time I personally made a non-OZKILT purchase, it took over 7 weeks to get to me, we aim to do much better than that at OzKilts no matter where you are in the world!!

We aim to be totally transparent about our manufacturing process and aim for ethical and quality manufacture. Don’t let the locale fool you, we have searched high and low for clothing manufacturers, sourced quality materials, and spent a huge amount of time and resources modifying designs, sampling and re-sampling as required for durability and comfort. We have chosen a special high quality cotton stretch fabric that no other Kilt Makers are using, combined with Vegan Friendly Faux-Leather.

This process is ongoing, it’s what’s on the ‘inside’ that counts, we are always looking for ways we can improve the quality, comfort and durability of our product and take feedback from our customers VERY seriously.

This business is something I’m quite passionate about, as I wear Kilts myself daily! I am quite particular about the quality of our brand, website, and our product.

Traditionally Kilts would cost somewhere in the range of 500-1500$, and we aim to continue ensuring that our Kilts offer extraordinary value!