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Say Goodbye to Some of our Favourite Styles

by | Aug 10, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Today’s piece is a bitter-sweet moment for us here at Ozkilts®. It’s not a fun thing to have to say goodbye to a product line that you like. However, if there is one thing that is constant in this world, apart from death and taxes, is change.

Say Goodbye to Some of our Favourite Styles by Ozkilts We know how you love our range of kilts here at Ozkilts® and we are thankful to all our clients who have purchased and are still purchasing our kilts. Those of you who are now part of the Kilted Clan know from experience the comfort, style, and freedom provided by wearing a kilt, particularly, an Ozkilts® Utility Kilt.

The kilt is such a versatile piece of clothing that deserves respect and a proper send off. For this reason, unlike other brands, we simply cannot discontinue items from our online shelves in silence without properly informing you, our valued clients.

We are saying goodbye to our Hybrid Utility Kilt that comes in Hybrid Red and Hybrid Purple, and our Rave Utility Kilt, two incredible styles. While we regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause; we are doing this because exciting things are on the way!


Change is Coming.

Say Goodbye to Some of our Favourite Styles by Ozkilts As we have mentioned earlier, change is a constant and an inevitable part of life. Exciting changes are coming to Ozkilts®, particularly, the introduction of new and exciting additions to our Ozkilts® Utility Kilts and Accessory Range!

At Ozkilts®, we always maintained the high quality of our products and service. We extended this further by spending a considerable amount of time to optimise our ordering and fulfilment process.

To make it even easier, we offer a range of payment options for you to pay for your orders. And to top it all off, we even went another step further by shipping your orders to you for free. That’s right, every Ozkilts® order is shipped to you free of charge.

Need your kilt in a hurry, not a problem. You can opt for Express Delivery, if you so choose, for a small additional fee.


Choose Your kilt.

While we are in the process of making room in our warehouse for our new and exciting offerings, we still have our other utility kilt styles available that you can choose from. All our utility kilt styles are constructed of heavy-duty 100% cotton and knife and box pleats (depending on style).

  • Deluxe Utility KiltComes with standard knife pleats and is available in Army Green, Jet Black, and Plum Brown. This style is our recommendation for both new and existing utility kilt wearers for its premium comfort and fit option.
  • Active Utility KiltThis style is designed for comfort moving and comes in Box Style Pleats. The kilt offers the perfect balance of comfort and breathability that fits your body like your favourite pair of jeans.
  • Metal Utility KiltIs perfect for those who want to exude that confidence a bit further with its chrome fixtures, a tonne of extra D Shackles, detachable pockets, and chains. It also always comes with our Deluxe Kilt Leather System for that perfect fit.
  • Workman Utility KiltIs also known as our Tradies Utility Kilt. It comes with a Khaki Apron and heavy-duty khaki pockets. The kilt offers great air flow and manoeuvrability for the working man. It offers great comfort while on the job.
  • Phoenix Utility Kilt – Is our Fire-Resistant Kilt built for people working with fire, such as fire performers and those who are working in fire-risk areas. It comes in two colour choices (Fireburst Yellow and Orange Fire). It comes fitted with our Deluxe Sports Kilt Velcro System. If you are too hot to handle, his kilt is for you.
  • Movember Utility KiltWe at Ozkilts® are strong men’s health advocates. And we support this with our Movember Kilt, where 10% of all sales of this special kilt is donated to to support men’s health. The kilt comes with Box Style Pleats and beautiful Red Tartan accents.
  • Patrick’s Day KiltsThis hybrid kilt is designed to honour St. Patty’s Day, but that does not mean you can’t wear it at any time you choose. Show some mischief and flare with its Green Tartan Accent, Box Pleats and Sports Kilt Velcro Fastening System for that precise fit every time.

Say Goodbye to Some of our Favourite Styles by Ozkilts Regardless of the style you choose from our range of Utility Kilts, you are assured of superior comfort, flexibility, and flexibility compared to traditional kilts. Wear a kilt no matter the weather or the occasion. The best thing about wearing one is that you’re never out of style in a kilt.

We may be saying adieu to our Hybrid and Rave Utility Kilts for now, but rest assured that Ozkilts® will continue to provide you with the best handmade kilts to suit your taste and style.

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