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St Patrick’s Day Kilts

St Patrick’s Day Kilts

$199.00 AUD


– Limited Edition Green Tartan Accents
– Precisely Adjustable (For the Perfect Fit)
– 100% Quality Cotton Stretch
– Quick Fit Velcro Fastening System
– Flexible Side Pleats for extra Manoeuvrability
– Large Detachable side cargo pockets

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Get into mischief this St Patrick's Day in our Limited Edition ‘St Patrick's Day Utility Kilt', the only kilt to celebrate this St Patrick's Day (or just anytime!). The featured Green Tartan is a bright popular tartan adds some beautiful flare to our hybrid range of kilts, while keeping you wearing something green on St Patty's day!

This amazing Hybrid Limited Edition kilt contain our signature ‘Box’ style pleats with the beautiful bright Green Tartan accents. Box Pleats hold tighter than a standard knife pleat, great for active people on the run. Our Heavy Duty cotton stretch material offers the perfect balance of comfort & breathability, the material fits to your body over time just like your favorite pair of jeans, without being a prison for your bits. This kilt features our Sports Kilt Velcro Fastening System for the most precise fitting possible.

The flex pleat system is featured on either side of the kilt. It allows for further movement of the kilt during high movement activity while offering superior comfort and flexibility when compared to traditional kilts. So when chugging a beer, celebrating with friends, chilling on the couch, or hiking up a mountain, this kilt offers the ultimate comfort.

Make sure you check out our sizing guide for more information on selecting the correct size for a perfect fit.

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S, M, L, XL


Black and Green Tartan

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