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Australia Utility Kilt Community

by | Nov 25, 2021 | All About Kilts, Categorized

The word community is central to any human experience. Belonging to a community gives one a sense of belonging. A community can be anything from a physical place where people congregate or connect.

A community is also the bonding of people together with similar or common interests. In this instance, a community of Australian kilt wearers. It is true that most communities operate with specific boundaries to meet the needs of that community.

With the kilted community, there may not be such restrictions or boundaries apart from the fact that they bond and congregate for one specific purpose, their love for wearing kilts.


The Modern Utility Kilt

Australia Utility Kilt Community by Ozkilts Unlike traditional kilts with hundreds of years of history behind it, today’s modern utility kilt began its existence in the late 90s in Seattle. The only meaning worth noting is that the guy who started it wanted a kilt he can wear every day, and in comfort.

Here at Ozkilts®, we view traditional kilts as top of the line limousines with all the bells and whistles that go with it. They are classy, eye-catching and definitely not out of place in any formal setting, event, or gathering.

Modern utility kilts on the other hand are your SUV’s, built tough, can take you anywhere in comfort, including formal events. Perhaps one aspect of modern utility kilts is their versatility. It can be worn on any occasion, and that choosing what you wear with it to different events becomes the hardest part.


The Kilted Community

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to belong to a group or a community. The fact of the matter is, there are benefits to it. Among these benefits is giving one a sense of belonging and camaraderie, which is perhaps a welcome reprieve, especially in these time of isolation due to the pandemic. That sense of being part of something can work wonders for one’s mental health.

Another advantage of joining a kilted community is that it provides a boost to a feeling of self-worth. The thought of you being needed by the group can enhance your sense of self-worth and remind you of how special you truly are.

Belonging and interacting with people fulfils personal social needs. Innately, we humans are social creatures, we require social interactions beyond our family relations, and being in a group can satisfy that need.

Just like any piece of clothing, it sure does feel nice when people notice what you’re wearing. People do dress up occasionally to stand out. But in general, we do want to stand out a bit more. If wearing a kilt grabs people’s attention, then we can call that being well-dressed.


Advantages of Wearing Modern Utility Kilts

As we have mentioned earlier, the utility kilt is considered the SUV of kilts. They can look great but at the same time are tough and yet provide comfort and be worn to any occasion, even the formal ones.

Unlike traditional kilts, you have versatility on your side when considering getting or purchasing your kilt. You can consider having the voice for pleats, colours, and features.

When it comes to modern utility kilts, the type of pleats it has can be a factor in your choice. You have two different type of pleats: knife and box pleats.

Knife pleats are the traditional pleating style for kilts. Their construction is tighter and are perfect for more fancy and dressier occasions, or if you simply want to look dapper wearing a kilt. Box pleats on the other hand are more utilitarian and a casual style of kilt pleating. This type of pleats allows for a more comfortable and easier movement.

Another advantage of wearing modern utility kilts is having the choice of colours. By having this choice, you can easily match kilt to your outfits. At Ozkilts®, some of our kilts have a secondary accent colour, helping your kilt choice to pop out more. You can go subtle and neutral in your choice of colour, such as black brown, and tan. Or you can go wild depending on how much you want to be.

And lastly, you have your kilt features. Just like in our SUV analogy, different kilts have different features. They come with different fastening systems, chains, buckles, and pockets.

There are styles that sport high visibility strips on the front. There is even one model in our range that is fire-resistant. Apart from pleats, colours, and features, you have options that may appeal to you when choosing your kilt.

How you accessorise your kilt is also a personal choice and entirely dependent on your personal sense of style.


Join the Community

Australia Utility Kilt Community by Ozkilts Having a sense of community embraces the spirit, builds character, uplifts pride and strengthening commitments and togetherness. Being part of a community can make us feel we are part of something greater than ourselves.

There is always strength in numbers. Being a social species, it’s no wonder we humans have unique terms we use for groups that we associate with. For us kilt wearers, we affectionately call people who love kilts as much as we do as, The Kilted Clan.

It is pretty easy to join The Kilted Clan. It is not even a requirement for you to get your kilt from us at Ozkilts®, though it would be highly appreciated if you do. The only requirements we would require from you is that you love wearing kilts as much as we do, embracing the kilted lifestyle, and connect with us by joining us on Social Media. That is all that it takes.

If you or your mates are looking for high quality and highly durable utility kilts, no need to search high and low, Ozkilts® is right here. Connect with us through our Facebook and Instagram pages, and join like the kilted clan if you love kilts as much as we do.