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Best Kilts and Bet EVER!

November 10, 2022

I now have the two OzKilts – the Deluxe Utility is my everyday wear one, and The Metal Kilt for going out. Both are well designed, comfortable, long wearing and versatile, The OzKilt Belt is probably THE best accessary ever! VERY comfortable around my fat gut, doesn’t dig in, I love the double buckle design. Worth every cent.

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Great Gear, Solid & Comfortable.

October 24, 2022

Great kilts, Well made and solid, excellent quality gear. You won’t go wrong and the women notice and like it, love the purple insets in the pleats on the hybrid utility kilt. My wife likes it, and other women do notice and seem only too happy to make good comments.

Avatar for Tim Moore
Tim Moore

This might become an obsession...

June 24, 2022

Let’s just say that these kilts have gotten to know the shape of my bum very well since day one xD

Design: Awesome. The pockets hanging on the flanks, closer to the rear are just what I need. I’d wear a skirt, but they don’t usually have pockets in them

🙁 The D-rings hanging on the waist are ripe for accessories, chains and extra pouches.

Whether it’s a red tartan pattern or a bright splash of yellow, the coloured pleats give the kilts their personality and mood.

Comfort: I’ve tried the traditional fit and the comfort fit. The comfort fit suits me more. I think I’ll have to lose some belly fat first before I could enjoy traditional. The kilt tends to slide back down to the waist.

Attitude: The kilts give me a boost of confidence definitely. I live in a country that doesn’t usually see kilts, so it’ll look like a skirt for the uninitiated and draw some interesting looks, but I have received compliments for them too.

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Love My Ozkilts!

November 13, 2020

Loving my new OzKilt! Super comfortable and super fun!!! Beautifully made. Cant wait to wear it in!

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Geordi Maclean

Love My Kilt

November 13, 2020

Love my utility kilt from Oz kilts, very comfy and versatile.

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Cain Ottery