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League of Kilted Athletes

by | Oct 3, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized, Uncategorized

The brainchild of random bagpiper from Port Macquarie, Keith Robinson, started an informal group with some of his best mates known as The League of Kilted Athletes. The league aims to promote a healthy lifestyle; they are also community minded fundraisers, and participate in various events.

Being a bagpipe player, he normally wears kilts at events and functions, and started running in a kilt for fun. Shortly after, he was running more and more events in a kilt, joined by his mates, everything from 5 km fun runs, to marathons.


The League of Kilted Athletes

League of Kilted Athletes by Ozkilts The League’s members are mostly from Port Macquarie, but they do have a couple of ring-ins from elsewhere. They originally have no official name for their group; they were then just a group of runners who wore kilts.

One fateful weekend, they thought it was a good idea to play a game of kilted mini golf. The owner of the place, happened to be Scottish, asked who they were. One of them replied, they are The League of Kilted Athletes.

The League does not have any specific agenda; each member is free to support their own chosen charities and/or organisations. But, each member share a common goal to encourage people to get out, be active, and have a healthy lifestyle.

One of their members is an ex Navy and Police Officer from Perth, Jason Nelson aka The Kilted Rogue Runner, run in kilts to support depression and PTSD.

Their unofficial motto is, “If it can’t be done in a kilt, it’s not worth doing.” According to Keith, it’s a lot of fun to be in a kilt. Keith himself set a goal for himself to run at least 52 marathons a year, in a kilt.

It is not uncommon for the group to get asked by random people to have photos taken with them. They add that it’s amazing how much of a conversation starter the kilt can be.

The League is open for all to join them, regardless of their chosen sport. Whether you’re into running, hiking, archery, golf, skydiving, or whatever, as long as you do it in a kilt. The League also encourage their followers to share photos and stories with their group.

While it’s their main goal to encourage people to be active and have fun, they are also serious in supporting and aligning themselves with various organisations with worthy causes. For one, they have maintained a relationship with a group called Kilted To Kick Cancer (KTKC).

KTKC is based in Canberra and Sydney, and they run in kilts to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). You’ll often see the League and KTKC run together in kilts and wearing PCFA shirts and hats.

Another worthy activity the group participates in is Anytime Fitness 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge for Suicide Prevention. They also have members who regularly donate blood at the Red Cross Blood Donor Centre.

The group is also big on supporting the Movember Foundation, an organisation that tackles some of the biggest health issues faced by men. Mental health, testicular and prostate cancer, and suicide prevention are among the health issues needed to be addressed.

They also actively support Run Against Violence and were the fastest team to complete the challenge back in 2016. The aim of Run Against Violence is to use running and other sporting activities as a conduit for engaging the community against domestic violence and abuse.

The League is always on the lookout for community events they can get involved in, especially those that involves physical fitness and fun. They do all of these in their kilts, of course.


The League of Kilted Athletes and Ozkilts

What’s not to love with this group? Despite being an informal group, they openly support a lot of worthy causes, many of which we also support here at Ozkilts. Much more importantly, they do whatever shenanigans they are into while having fun… and in kilts.

At Ozkilts, we proudly support causes and organisations such as the Movember Foundation, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Kilted to Kick Cancer, and blood donation where you can save up to three human lives with every donation.

At Ozkilts, we offer our clients the Movember Utility Kilt (sold all year round), where 10% of proceeds from each sale is donated to the Movember Foundation. 

Like the League, we also share and agree that wearing kilts are a great conversation starter. At Ozkilts, we have a range of high-quality utility kilts you can purchase and wear for work, play, sports, or any other event/activity.


We Love Kilts

It’s always a good thing to do activities in a kilt, and hear that you’ve had a positive impact on someone else’s day. Not only can you feel comfortable doing anything in a kilt, you can wear it while doing worthwhile causes such as those espoused by The League and Ozkilts.

If you happen to have a kilt tucked away in your wardrobe, and you are looking for an opportunity to wear it, there is always room in the League for new members. We also take this opportunity to enjoin everyone to join our kilted clan. Be active, have fun, join causes, be heroes, and do it all in a kilt.

If you want to know more about The League of Kilted Athletes, they have public pages on Facebook and Instagram that everyone can follow to keep up to date with their kilted antics.