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Kilts for Everyday Wear – A Style Guide

by | Apr 18, 2019 | All About Kilts, Categorized

If you think that a kilt is appropriate only for formal events, you’re in for a surprise! The kilt is a garment for all seasons and occasions.

If you’d like to wear it every day, do so without an ounce of fear of making a fashion faux pas. A variety of daily wear kilts is available to provide you with a convenient garment to wear round the clock.


Kilts for Everyday Wear – A Style Guide by Ozkilts Try Kilts for Different Occasions

Kilts remove the boredom from daily wear, adding a fresh style to your wardrobe and looks. You can wear them to work, casual outings or even for recreational visits.

For instance, the Metal Utility Kit is perfect for any occasion. Made from 100% cotton, this kilt adds style and comfort with its D-shackles, chrome chains and large detachable pockets. It is available in a range of attractive colours.

Consider wearing kilts for occasions and jobs that need a great degree of movement. For example, if you’re driving a long distance, a kilt will keep you comfortable and give you the space to move your legs freely without feeling cramped.

In short, you could wear your kilt to all the places you’d go to in jeans!


Be Subtle with the Patterns

Avoid heavy patterns when using your kilt for everyday wear. Team up your kilt with a collarless shirt for a stylish twist. You could pair it up with formal shirts for a professional look, which works best in work environments.

Experiment with a range of colours. No matter the occasion, tucking your shirt into the kilt is an extremely important kilt etiquette, especially if you are aiming for a neat, clean and casual look.


Experiment with Different Footwear

Boots go perfectly with kilts. You could try different boots – a Ghillie boot works best when you are aiming for a casual or semiformal look. A pair of high-quality casual brogues teams up fantastically with a kilt, setting you apart in a formal or casual setup.

Pair up your kilt with boat shoes for a completely casual look, or go chic with a pair of stylish and colourful suede brogues.


Accessorise for a Greater Style Effect

Styling using kilt accessories such as sporrans and kilt belts is a highly personal choice and much depends on the kind of effect you want to create and your personal taste too.

If you do not want to let go of tradition completely, go for a plain sporran. You can also go for a striking kilt belt with an attractive buckle. Pair up the accessories with a basic kilt pin to complete your look.

Ozkilts has a range of daily wear kilts with many convenient features. Made of pure cotton, these kilts are great to look, and easy to maintain. Our kilts are fully adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit and move comfortably while at work.

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