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Get Active with Ozkilts

by | Jul 1, 2021 | All About Kilts, Categorized

We have stated here before that you don’t have to be Scottish to wear a kilt. Not only Scottish men today wear manly kilts, but many men are adding kilts to their wardrobe.

More than just a fashion statement, utility kilts are also perfect as an active wear apparel. Men who perform tough and heavy-duty jobs, in particular, wear kilts for the comfort and the ease of movement they provide.

Another plus factor of wearing kilts, regardless if they are the traditional or modern utility kind, is that they attract positive compliments on your fashion sense from both men and women.


What Are Ozkilts Active Utility Kilts

Get Active with Ozkilts by Ozkilts Ozkilts® Utility Kilts are designed for comfort moving. If traditional kilts are limousines, utility kilts are the SUVs of kilts. If traditional kilts are treated like a prized tuxedo, utility kilts are the type of kilts that are suitable for everyday workwear, and the type that you’re not afraid to get dirty every day.

Utility kilts are also considered as work kilts and are made from heavy-weight cotton and designed to be durable and hard wearing. Though they are considered work wear, utility kilts can also be worn during semiformal functions. Additionally, they are also suitable to be worn for hiking, or other outside activities, such as Oktoberfest, concerts, and festivals.

It is quite interesting to note that the modern utility kilt is no more of a symbol of any culture but undergoing a kind of renaissance. It has also become a fashion statement for the modern man who loves to take pride in wearing a kilt, and who loves to stand out of the crowd with an unconventional style.


Traditional Kilts Vs. Modern Utility Kilts

We have mentioned earlier that there are traditional kilts and modern utility kilts. The traditional Scottish kilts do not have pockets and do require certain accessories such as a sporran for it to work properly and to complete its ensemble.

Modern utility kilts, on the other hand, also called utility kilts, do have pockets and have different types of accessories going on with them. This makes them different from what traditional tartan kilts are.

The design of modern kilts does not differ much from their traditional counterpart. Although they are similar in the sense that they offer practical freedom of use as well as how easy it is to wear.

Perhaps the big difference with today’s modern kilts as opposed to their traditional counterparts is the presence of more pockets and the use of modern materials that makes the kilts heavy and useful.

Even modern kilts can be fitted with accessories to complement a kilt and make it look formal. Casual kilt wearers need not worry about most of the traditional accessories. But, if you would want to wear your modern utility kilts to formal events, knowing the appropriate accessories such as the different belts, chains, buckles, pins, and hoses is vital.

At Ozkilts®, we offer a wide range of high-quality kilts that you can choose from depending on your preference. Whatever your need is, we have the perfect kilt for you. All our utility kilts are quality handmade from 100% cotton, ensuring utility and comfort at any time of the day.


What Makes Ozkilts Utility Kilts Suitable for Active Wear

Ozkilts® Utility Kilts features ‘Box’ style pleats, which holds tighter than standard knife pleats. Box style pleats are more favourable for people who are active and always on the run. And since the pleats hold tighter, it can save you from any untoward exposure, regardless if you are wearing underwear under your kilt or decide to go commando.

Get Active with Ozkilts by Ozkilts Our Utility Kilts are fashioned from Heavy Duty cotton stretch material that offers a perfect balance of breathability and comfort. The material will generally fit your body over time, similar to your favourite pair of slacks or jeans, without subjecting your manly bits to pressure and confined heat.

Our range of Utility Kilts either comes with our Sports Kilt Velcro Fastening System or our Deluxe Kilt Leather System.

Our Sports Kilt Velcro Fastening System offers the most precise fit possible. While our Deluxe Kilt Leather System also always offers perfect fit, it does offer superior comfort compare to traditional kilts that use a buckle hip fastening system.

The modern utility kilt is an amazingly versatile piece of clothing. They can practically be worn like trousers. The formality of the outfit comes with what you pair with it, but most utility kilts can be worn simply. Utility kilts are multi-functional and there are fancy pockets, chains, hooks, and many more.

We at Ozkilts® recommend our line of Active Utility Kilts for hiking, gym, running, lifting. They are designed not just for style, but also for premium comfort. Our flex pleat system is featured on either side of the kilt. This is advantageous during high movement activities while still offering superior comfort and flexibility as compared to traditional kilts.


A Kilt For Every Day of the Week

There are kilt wearing men that love the function and fit of kilts that they decide to wear them all the time. A kilt flows with your movement and looks great with any piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

Modern utility kilts lend themselves naturally to more conventional fabrics that not only wears well but can also provide extra function. Kilts fit well when worn in the office, on the hiking trail, mowing the lawn, or even relaxing over the weekend.


Enter The World of Kilts

Good News for kilt users and for those who wants to be converts and would want to start wearing kilts. We at Ozkilts® are offering a sale for our range of Utility Kilts to usher in 2022.

We are here to back you up in your kilt journey in choosing that truly represents your utility needs and personality. Do check out our range of Active Utility Kilts and exude your manliness today.