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Deluxe Utility Kilt for Modern Men

by | Jun 8, 2023 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Once a symbol of rebellion and freedom, the kilt is now an unmistakable symbol of uniqueness, masculinity, and of being fashionable. The unique advantage of modern utility kilts such as our Deluxe Utility Kilt, despite retaining most of the look of traditional kilts, is that it is not burdened with the baggage of history.

Deluxe Utility Kilt for Modern Men by Ozkilts Given this fact, we at Ozkilts and other kilt designers can be more liberal and bold with our design choices. We do keep our designs modern, but we do respect the origin of our inspiration, and consciously not stray too far away from its basic construction.

Our efforts produced sophisticated modern designs that pay homage to the original Scottish traditional kilt.


The Deluxe Utility Kilt.

Let’s face it, the tartan pattern never seems to age. It suits all age groups and genders and can be used to be dressed up or dressed down. However, while the tartan is still as fashionable, getting the right look can be a pain.

When it comes to bringing kilt trends, Ozkilts is a company you can trust. One prominent style we have in our range, for instance, is The Deluxe Utility Kilt, our reinterpretation of the traditional kilt. Its sophisticated and modern design is geared towards being compatible with contemporary modern and trendy styles of clothing.


Pleats and Pockets.

If you love classic everyday clothing that are functional and easy to wear, you’ll love the classic utility styling that this utility kilt can bring. Utility fashion styling is about highlighting elements of clothing and taking it to the extreme. The Deluxe Utility Kilt incorporates the epitome of the traditional kilt plus the function of a modern utility kilt, combined, maximised, and brought to the front of attention.

The kilt has high quality knife-pleats akin to its traditional ancestry. It adds regal fullness to the garment, giving it a clean and elegant finish. It also gives the kilt texture and space for the garment to move. Knife pleats allow the garment to expand as you move and relax its shape when you are stationary. 

Utility kilts are comfortable and can be worn as formal, semi formal, and casual/informal wear at the same time. Another awesome feature it has are detachable pockets, allowing the user to carry various personal belongings during work or play.


Fabric and Fastening System.

Ozkilts Deluxe Utility Kilt are made of 100 percent quality cotton and durable cotton poly blends that can withstand rough and rugged uses. Your comfort in a kilt is among our priorities, and the deluxe will keep you comfortable during labour and carry you throughout the day until party time at night.

Deluxe Utility Kilt for Modern Men by Ozkilts Cotton provides unparalleled breathability and comfort to its wearer, especially, down under. The perfect solution for the active modern kilted man.

You can wear it as casual wear, owing to its versatility and freedom of use, they are great for men to look modern yet chic. The utility kilt is not a symbol of a specific culture, but it is undergoing a form of renaissance, a fashion statement for the modern man who loves to stand out with an unconventional sense of style.

Belt loops on utility kilts are not uncommon. Some producers even include a belt as standard equipment. At Ozkilts, we have introduced the Ozkilts Utility Kilt Belt to address the numerous enquiries and requests we received from our most loyal customers. The belt adds a more modern touch to the kilt than any other accessory.

The Deluxe Utility Kilt, features our Deluxe Leather Strap Fastening System. The use of this fastening system allows its wearer to adjust the kilt to their comfort and to provide that perfect fit at all times. It is a modern style that provides high-standard comfort as compared with traditional kilts that commonly utilise the buckle hip fastening method. 

Our kilt fastening system is what sets us apart from the rest. We also carry styles in our utility kilt range that feature our Velcro Fastening System. Its versatility allows for greater range of movement, especially for the more active blokes of our kilted clan.


Let’s talk about Colours.  

Not being bound to the traditional tartan, our kilts come in various colours. Some of our styles use colour as tasteful accents to their pleats, including red and green tartan. We do love incorporating tartan in our utility kilts, among other colours.

Deluxe Utility Kilt for Modern Men by Ozkilts Of course, you can wear traditional tartans, but truthfully, can you wear them on more casual occasions? You may, but finding casual clothing that can be paired with tartans, like we said earlier, can be quite a pinch.

For our Deluxe Utility Kilt, they come in solid colours. Apart from Jet Black, we also offer it in Army Green and Plum Brown. We do acknowledge the fact that some people may think that kilts, even modern utility kilts, must be tartan.

Certainly, it is correct to say most kilts are tartan, but news flash: it has never been the exclusive cloth for making kilts. Few people are aware that Cornishmen wore solid-coloured kilts. Before the introduction of the Cornish national tartan in 1963, they opted to wear solid black kilts.

Some would even say coloured kilts are the black sheep of the kilt family. As it turns out, solid coloured kilts are not new. The first kilts were mainly made with solid colours, brown, green, white, and black were the most common. This is because people would use plants in their locale to dye wool, therefore, a lot of natural colours.

Even if the Highland Scots are well known for their tartans, the solid coloured kilt was not a passing fad, and it is as famous in the nineteenth century. Perhaps the most famous figure to the solid kilt is Queen Victoria’s John Brown, who commissioned a portrait made by Carl Rudolph Sohn after Brown’s death in 1883.

Brown was quite known for wearing black kilt suits, complete with matching vest and jacket. But regardless of the fact, if you come dressed in an Ozkilts Deluxe Utility Kilt, you’re well-dressed.

One thing is for certain. When you wear Ozkilts, you’ll never have to worry about having people questioning if you’re wearing a kilt, they’ll know. You’ll exude awesomeness in a quality Ozkilts Utility Kilt.

So if you’re in the market for a solid coloured kilt, we have The Deluxe Utility kilt in three colours to suit your style and taste. And while you’re at it, we invite you to check out our other kilt styles. Don’t be surprised if you find other kilt styles that you might like from our awesome range.