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Caring for Your Kilt

by | Apr 11, 2019 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Once you have invested in a kilt, maintaining it well becomes a responsibility that you cannot shirk away from. Maintained well, your kilt can serve you well for several years to tell your kilt story to your grandchildren!

Caring for Your Kilt by Ozkilts Here are some effective ways to take care of your kilt.


Clean Spills Immediately

Spills are a part of daily life, especially if you are using your kilt on a daily basis.

If your kilt has taken up a spill or two, dab the spot immediately using a damp lint-free cloth. This should work for easy-go stains.

However, if the stain is stubborn, dab the spot and hand-wash it gently using soap water. Avoid detergents and machine washing; a plain soap will do. Use a very soft brush if the stain persists.

If there are several stain-smeared spots, then dip the kilt (with the apron side immersed in water) in cold soapy water and let it stay put for a few minutes. Then, lift the garment and put it under a warm shower to remove the soap. Soap traces should be completely removed.

Once done, dry the kilt in a warm space away from sunlight so that it drips dry. Let it stay till it is completely dry.


Avoid Pressing Directly onto the Kilt

Ironing directly on the kilt can form iron marks and shiny spots on the garment. Use a pressing cloth instead. Place the pressing cloth on the kilt and then press the iron lightly on the spot.

Avoid running the iron back and forth on the kilt. Instead, iron the garment in a series of spots – press, lift, next.

If you are using cotton kilts, adjust the setting on the ironing device accordingly.

Remember to arrange the pleats in place while ironing.


Dry your Kilt before Storing

If you are not going to use the kilt, then store it with care. Ensure that the garment is thoroughly dry before doing so. Dry the kilt outside, if possible, so that it is aired completely.

If this is not possible, then hang your kilt in the shower room at a spot where it can receive the steam well and absorb it. Once done, dry it in an airy space.

Doing so cleans the fabric, prevents odours and keeps mildew away.

Finally, invest in a high-quality kilt hanger to hang down your kilts in the wardrobe. Use the hanger clips to secure the kilt in place and prevent sagging. Allow as much space as possible for the garment in the wardrobe so that it stays fresh and odour-free.

With Ozkilts, you get kilts made of 100% superior quality cotton, which means superior comfort for you. Maintaining these kilts is also easier compared to kilts of wool and other materials.

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