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Armadale Highland Gathering and the Perth Kilt Run

by | Sep 3, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Come October 2020, the scenic Minnawarra Park in Armadale will be home to a unique parade!

Men and women across all ages will be seen adding colour, freshness, energy, and space for all to enjoy!

Wondering why?

Armadale Highland Gathering and the Perth Kilt Run participants will be taking part in a 2.5 km run called the Classic Route or a 5 km-run called the Warrior Route. Head to the site today, as registrations are now open:

Why do we love it? This event is not any ordinary running event – each participant will be running in a kilt!

Armadale Highland Gathering and the Perth Kilt Run by Ozkilts

Young, Adults or the Elderly – Everyone Can Have Fun

Anyone willing to run in a kilt is qualified for this event! Kids and adults, irrespective of their age, can participate. There is no specific restriction on how participants run – you can walk or run at your own pace.



Participants in Fabulous Kilts

If you have already registered for the event, chances are you bought your own kilt during registration. For this event, we suggest Ozkilts, as our range is made from fantastic fabric for running to keep you stylish-looking and comfortable while being active. Check out our suggested Active Utility Kilt today!

For extra protection and comfort, we’d suggest wearing garments such as shorts and bike pants under the kilt.


Purpose of the Event

When you participate in Perth Kilt Run 2020, you’ll not only be having tremendous fun, but you’ll also be contributing to charity.

In 2018, the proceeds from the event were channelled to different causes headed by the Intensive Care Foundation, The Amanda Young Foundation and Headspace.

This time, too, the proceeds will be directed towards worthy causes.


Armadale Highland Gathering and the Perth Kilt Run by Ozkilts Restrictions

For this event, participants are not allowed to bring pets, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, hand cycles and rollerblades to the event. Additionally, you aren’t allowed the use of non-racing wheelchairs or strollers are advised to position themselves in the last row for greater safety.


After the Kilt Run…

Get a rich taste of Scottish tradition after the Kilt Run!

Called the Armadale Highland Gathering, this event is scheduled as an after-run event. It features popular Scottish elements such as pipe band music, Highland dancing events, and a medieval Scottish village clan set-up. Scottish descendants can retrace their Scottish origins at the Medieval Fair.

It is going to be fun, fitness and charity at the Perth Kilt Run 2020! Pack up and make the most of the event with your family and friends. Head to the Armadale Highland Gathering and the Perth Kilt Run website at

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