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Why You Should Join Our Kilted Clan!

by | Aug 4, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized

We call people like us, who have banded and bonded together for our love of kilts, The Kilted Clan. As social creatures, we do come up with endearing terms with which to describe groups we are affiliated with.

Being part of a ‘community’ is central to any human experience. A community is a social construct not only determined by a specific locale, it is also a place where people connect and congregate with one another and share similar or common interests, and achieve similar goals.

For Australian kilt wearers, there are no restrictions or boundaries to discourage them to bond and congregate with others. They come, rather WE come together for one specific purpose, our love for wearing kilts.

What’s the big deal with a piece of clothing, you say? Let us elucidate you. Yes, it is a piece of clothing. But they are more than just a fashion statement, most especially as far as modern utility kilts are concerned.

But one thing is seen in plain sight. A kilt on a man exudes masculinity and manliness. One may argue, but there are numerous scientific studies to back this up.  



The word ‘clan’ is derived from the Gaelic form of “clann,” which means ‘children, stock, descendant, or offspring.’ However, the meaning of the word for Scots can be a tribe or race, and it can also represent a family unit. It is quite possible however that the origins of the clan system out date even the name itself.

Modern concepts now also refer to a clan as a group of people, not only united by blood, but a group who has a closed knit of kinship. This simply mean that a clan is more than just a group with familial bonds.

People are social animals, it is perfectly normal and warranted to want to belong to a group. Even lower animals seemingly subscribe to this for an obvious reason: “There is strength in numbers.”

There are other benefits in belonging to a group. Read on.


Benefits of Belonging to a Group.

Why You Should Join Our Kilted Clan! by Ozkilts According to the Mayo Clinic, it is important to have a sense of belonging. It is a fundamental way for humankind to organise itself, which cannot be separated from our physical and mental health.

We said earlier that there is strength in numbers. When we feel support and not feel alone, we become more resilient and helps us to be able to cope effectively with difficult times in our lives. A sense of belonging that comes with strong social ties is a protective factor that helps manage stress and other behavioural issues.

While there is nothing wrong with flying solo, researchers have found that the sensation of belonging that being part of a community offers, specifically:

      • Security – People tend to feel secure knowing that they have others around them who share what they care about and who shares common goals and are working towards progress.
      • Motivation – Even a simple relationship between people is enough to induce work towards shared goals or interest. Ultimately, other members seem to be wired to adopt the goals of the people around them.

Other healthy benefits of belonging are:

      • Status – Belonging t a group or community gives an air of exclusivity, especially for those who are viewing the group from the outside.
      • Self-esteem – Being part of a group enhances one’s sense of self-worth. This is further enhanced when you are needed by your fellow group members.
      • Affiliation – Like we said earlier, humans are social creatures. We normally require interactions and relationships with other people to fulfil our need to belong.

Kilts Can Boost Fertility Rates

Perhaps this section is a little misplaced, but hey, if there is one factor that might be of great interest to men (and women) is being able to procreate with your wife and life-partner without problems. 

Kilts are not just confined to be sidelined as a trendy outfit, because they are not. A study by researchers in the Netherlands, they aptly titled Real Men Wear Kilts, reports that the quality of sperm and fertility rates in men who wear kilts are high. More so, if they go commando.

The cooler temperature in a man’s nether region make for a better environment for sperm to thrive. Additionally, the study also stated that sperm count reaches an all-time high if the temperature in the male’s genital area is at least 30° C, cooler than the rest of the body.

Wearing a kilt might just as well help you out in increasing your tribe and add to your kilt wearing community or clan.  


Joining the Kilted Clan.

Why You Should Join Our Kilted Clan! by Ozkilts We reiterate that there is nothing wrong to belong to a group or community. Belonging and interacting with people fulfils personal and social needs.

The simple choice of wearing a kilt sure does feel nice, especially when people what you are wearing and are appreciative of your effort to stand out. We assure you that you can never go wrong with wearing a kilt in public.

If you notice, more and more men are wearing kilts. Some are even wearing them daily. Kilt wearing men know for a fact how comfortable they are. Don’t shun it just yet if you haven’t tried it, you might just not experience the satisfying feeling a kilt gives.

Being a part of a community not only uplifts pride and strengthening commitments and togetherness, it also makes us feel we are part of something that is greater than ourselves.

It’s not all that difficult to join a kilted clan. It’s not even a requirement for you to acquire a kilt from us, though we would be highly appreciative if you do. All that is required of you is to love kilts, embrace the lifestyle, and connect with us through our Social Medias. That’s all there is to it.

If you love kilts as much as we do, connect with like-minded individuals in our kilted clan by joining our Facebook and Instagram pages. And if you’re on the lookout for well-crafted and quality assured utility kilts, look no further than Ozkilts®.

You can never go wrong with Ozkilts. But don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our kilt community members are saying about us.