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Tips for Tall Men Wearing Utility Kilts

by | Jan 20, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized

A Utility Kilt, as the name reflects, is a modern, cool, and a more comfortable alternative to trousers. The iconic symbol of Scottish culture for centuries, now the kilt’s modern ‘utility’ style has become a fashion statement.

In the past, kilts were worn only on special occasions like weddings, clan carnivals, or worn by the kilted military regiments, and bagpipers. Today, the modern utility kilts are found in different contexts.

Men now wear their utility kilts on unconventional occasions, like at their workplaces, sports matches, even at day or evening parties/events. Today, even hunters, hikers, campers can be seen wearing kilts. This due to the fact that kilts are among the most versatile, fashionable, comfortable, and extremely cool piece of clothing apparel there is that anyone can wear, anytime, anywhere.


Advantages of Being Tall

Socially, being tall has its advantages. Height, especially among men, is usually seen as attractive, and also makes one seem intimidating. Height also seems to confer a self-esteem boost. 

Mind you, height also has its costs. Having enough legroom and headroom among them, and finding clothes that fit nicely, just to name two. But the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages, such as playing in many physical sports.

The height advantage also makes one look fantastic in kilts. 


Proper Kilt Length

Tips for Tall Men Wearing Utility Kilts by Ozkilts Utility Kilts are becoming very popular for men of all ages, sizes, and shapes around Australia and the rest of the world. The popularity is mainly due to them being comfortable and practical to wear. 

Our range of Utility Kilts, here at Ozkilts®, are quality handmade from 100% cotton, and one question that we get often asked is the length of our kilts. Their concern is if our kilts will either be too long or too short for them.

All of Ozkilts® Kilts are a standard/average 24 inches (60.96 cm) drop. This is an appropriate average length for the vast majority of sizes/heights. This length is fine, even for a 6’3” tall guy. And we have guys who are 5’5” having no issue with this length. Of course, this may vary since everybody has different length bodies, even for people with the same height.

Regardless of this fact, men, and women’s utility kilts are great for people who like to look modern yet chic. The modern utility kilt’s design does not vary greatly from its predecessor, as it conserves the design which allows freedom while retaining modesty.

Unless you are familiar with buying and wearing kilts, getting yourself measured is an important part of getting the right fitting kilt. If you purchase online, it gives you the comfort and convenience of having someone measure you at home to get the right size.

The most comfortable and traditional way to wear a kilt that is considered by many is getting the fit from the belly, usually a little below the navel. This is something that is really a matter of personal preference.



      • To have a more accurate measurement, do not do it yourself but have someone do it for you, for accuracy.
      • Keep an upright and relaxed posture.
      • Do not hold your breath while being measured.
      • Make sure you are not wearing thick clothes.
      • The tape measure should not be too tight or loose

You can vary the kilt drop length by wearing the kilt higher on your waist or longer. Also consider the kind of top you will wear with your utility kilt. The rule of thumb is that the kilt is normally worn to the middle of the knee cap.

Of course, the above can be adapted to your own sense of style. You can be a maverick when it comes to wearing your utility kilt and mix and match them with your normal apparel. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue since they are versatile and can be worn both for work or play.

The only thing that matters is learning how to use it and what you choose to wear with it to realise its fullest potential. Each kilt has a purpose and a meaning, and some are more specialised than others. But all of them are versatile, comfortable, and provide breathability that makes it awesome to wear Utility Kilts.

Regardless if you’re tall or short, don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new styles because only then will you know which fashion path to follow wearing your kilt. Rules for wearing modern utility kilts are not all that set in stone. They are just there to pave the way for you in finding your own style. If you haven’t worn a kilt before, today is the right time.


Are you Ready to Rock Your Style? Tips for Tall Men Wearing Utility Kilts by Ozkilts

We are here to guide you in selecting the kilt that best represents your personality and your utility requirements. Depending on your preferences, you can select from our wide variety of high-quality kilts.  We have kilts no matter what your needs are. You may feel like a rocker today and go to a barbecue tomorrow; whatever your needs are, we have a kilt for you.

As an Australian company, Ozkilts® is very proud to say that our utility kilt range is designed by professional workwear designers. Men (and even women) are therefore given ample room to breathe in complete freedom, wearing our specially designed and handmade kilts.


Final Word

All styles of utility kilts we offer at Ozkilts® are specially made with style and comfort in mind. No rocket science is needed to decide and add them to your wardrobe.

No need for complicated rules on how to wear them, but learning the basics is more than enough for anyone. Once you get familiar with its use, it should not take long for you to realise that wearing one provides comfort that you might decide for it to be your go-to wear.  Come visit us and check out our range of Ozkilts® Utility Kilts.