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The Pros of Men’s Kilts and Trousers

by | Jul 27, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Scottish men point out that real men should put on kilts! As opposed to what our generation has to say. Of course, not only men, but many women also love wearing kilts. Let’s give the pros of each so that we are able to fully understand both of them. Below, you will find the pros of men’s kilts vs pants.


The Pros of Men’s Kilts and Trousers by Ozkilts Men’s Kilts

Among the earliest types of apparel that men and even kings wore hundreds of years ago, they are still a popular part of our lives today. Many individuals, even those who are not located in, or have Scottish Heritage, wear kilts as a comfortable and versatile part of their wardrobe. So… what are the benefits, and why exactly do men love wearing kilts so much? Let’s have a look….


Benefits of the Kilt

  • An Adjustable Fit: Often kilts allow for multiple sizing, allowing you to adjust for natural body changes in weight throughout the day and week.
  • No Bunching & Bending: No more bunching and bending and comfortableness in the crotch area. Relieve the boys and be free 😀
  • Keeps You Cool: Perfect for all events, Surprisingly kilts can keep you cool in summer, and still maintain your body heat in winter! Especially in the summers, it can help make hot summers day even more enjoyable!
  • Health: Why health? Well, the ventilation helps your body to keep your private bits regulate the correct temperature, which in turn can lead to higher sperm counts! A kilt also look great, keeping your partner’s attention and spending more time with them can help to keep you healthy both physically and mentally! Isn’t that cool?!?!



Just about everyone enjoys wearing a nice pair of pants… until the first time they try wearing a kilt for a day. Pants are everywhere in modern fashion, it’s something we have just simply come to accept as the thing that we should wear. Having said that, can pants really defend themselves against the almighty and manly kilt? Let’s have a look at how pants stack up:


Benefits of wearing Pants

  • Pants are widely accepted in basically all situations. We cannot deny that in some specific places (usually religious or culturally), it can be inappropriate to wear a kilt.
  • You can move however you like… want to stand on your head? Well, with pants on, there is no risk of indecent exposure.
  • Keep your calves warm: Unlike the kilt, long pants cover your calves… this can of course be solved with some nice woollen socks (which I personally prefer), but we can’t argue that pants beat a kilt in calves warming properties.
  • Health: Well, apart from the negative aspects of decreasing your manliness by at least 70% by wearing boring old pants, the one advantage we can think of is that long pants can also help shield your legs from harmful UV rays.



Basically, while it shouldn’t matter which you choose, of course here at Ozkilts® I’m certainly bias. If you haven’t at least TRIED a kilt before, you should certainly give it a go, as once you do, you likely won’t want to turn back! In the end whichever makes you more comfy, happy and healthy is certainly more preferable, for me, that’s a Kilt without question.  Weigh up the items above, and see how you fare, if you haven’t tried a Kilt yet, give one a go, you won’t regret it.