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The Phoenix

$ 159.00 USD each
Highlight Colour (main colour is Black)
  • Fully Adjustable (For the Perfect Fit)
  • 100% Quality Fire Proofed Cotton Blend
  • Velcro Fastening System (leather on custom order only)
  • Flexible Side Pleats for more Maneuverability
  • Large Detachable side cargo pockets

'The Phoenix' is a special Fire Resistant Kilt*, offering Fire Resistant Cotton and extra features for fire performers and those working in fire risk areas, or for the adventurous types who are just too hot to handle ;)

This Kilt comes with 'Box' style pleats, which hold tighter than a standard knife pleat, and two-tone colour options. The Heavy Duty cotton blend has undergone chemical fire resistant treatment and comes fitted with our Deluxe Sports Kilt Velcro Fastening System (or leather strap system optional/pictured), while the pockets are able to be detached as to keep out of the way during performances or high risk tasks.

The comfort fastening system allows for adjustment of the kilt size for a perfect fit at all times, and is a modern design offering superior comfort compared to traditional kilts which usually use buckle hip fasteners.

best in life award smallOur Phoenix Kilt Recently won the 'BEST THING IN LIFE' award on the Life In a Kilt Podcast

We recommend our Phoenix Kilt for premium comfort, style and safety for Fire Performers.

Make sure you check our sizing guide for more information on selecting your correct size for a perfect fit.


* This kilt won't make you invincible, however it will give you +5 to fire resistance, click here for full information before purchase.