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Our Favourite Utility Kilts for Summer!

by | Feb 9, 2023 | All About Kilts, Categorized

It is summer, and days are hot and nights are warm and balmy. It’s what we expect in Australia’s summer escape from December to February year after year.

Compared to other parts of the world, Australia’s blazing sun is intense. Sydneysiders flock to the beach with 35 °C weather. Melbournians on the other hand, can have days with temperatures rising up to a whopping 40 °C. Whereas, Queensland usually has beach weather, pretty much for most of the year.

While individual style in Australia is typically eclectic this time of year, there is a unifying sense of casualness. But of course, there are people who will break the perennial mould and not be as laid back and casual one will think most will be. Well, not everywhere, at least.

Being relatively a huge country, temperature down under also vary during summer depending on where you are. It’s not uncommon that there would be summer days when it can be considered chilly in Melbourne, while residents of Far North Queensland will be all out frolicking on the beach.



Our Favourite Utility Kilts for Summer by Ozkilts Sydney may have the best weather, with hot summers and mild winters. People normally flock to the beaches during the summer months. 

You can get by wearing a decent pair of shorts and cool cotton tees. But do note that just because Sydney has tons of amazing beaches, it doesn’t mean dressing up exclusively in “beach casual.”

Why not make heads turn by swapping that pair of shorts or cotton pants with Ozkilts® Hybrid Utility Kilts?

Its two-tone box pleats will sure turn curious heads as you flash your choice colour of Hybrid Red or Hybrid Purple, fastened securely with our adjustable Deluxe Kilt Leather Strap System ensuring a perfect fit at all times.

Worried you might be overdressed in a kilt? No worries, you can never be overdressed in Sydney.



Melbourne is arguably the fashion capital of Australia. People here do take the content of their wardrobes very seriously. Summers in Melbourne are quite similar to Sydney. Winters, on the other hand, comes into its own.

On top of our Hybrid Utility Kilts, you can also opt to going for our Ozkilts® Deluxe Utility Kilt. Black is a popular colour and is king in Melbourne. Many women here also opt for black skinny jeans and leggings. Match them up with our Jet Black Deluxe Utility Kilt, or if you opt to be a maverick, go for Army Green or Plum Brown.

Regardless of which colour you choose, you’ll fit right in, and you’ll have that fantastic apparel and conversation starter on with the ladies.


The Northern Territory

The Top End has what is probably the oddest weather in the entire country, even in summer. Temperatures are usually pegged around 21-32 °C, which is quite similar to summer temperatures elsewhere in Australia.

Summer times at the Top End can reach tropical levels, where humidity levels can be quite high. You’ll start sweating the second you step outside.

People here during this season live in shorts, tees, tank tops, and thongs. So it’s best to avoid clothing made of synthetic materials and go for cotton.

Our advice, ditch the movement restrictive shorts and switch to 100% cotton stretch Ozkilts® Active Utility Kilt. Its flexible side pleats provide unrestricted manoeuvrability, and with its Quick Fit Velcro Fastening System allows you to have that precise fit at all times.

Being constructed of quality and durable cotton, your bits can remain cool and comfortable, especially with high humidity.

The locations above are just illustrations where you can wear your kilt for the summer. But regardless of where you are in the country, a kilt is a great choice to wear during the summer months.

Summer is also the time when festivals abound, especially during February leading to the end of the season. Australians love to end summers in a big way, such as the Mardi Gras. What better opportunity to join in the fun and celebrations by wearing an Ozkilts® kilt?


Beat the heat in a kilt

Our Favourite Utility Kilts for Summer by Ozkilts Regardless of where you are in Australia or in any part of the world, keeping your cool during hot days is essential. And when we say “cool” we also meant looking cool. Summers are also the season where most people do physical activities.

There are areas where staying just 15 minutes under the sun can literally cook you. For such weather, cotton and linen clothing is a must for you to get adequate ventilation and keep the heat off.

Ozkilts® range of utility kilts help in keeping you cool while looking cool. As they are constructed with high grade cotton, assuring you of breathability. They also feature detachable cargo pockets where you can keep a bottle or tube of sunscreen.

And don’t think we forget about summer nights. If you plan to meet up with friends in a pub, club, or restaurant during the night, a slight change in your top attire and a change of shoes will get you sorted out in a jiffy.

Regardless of what you have planned for summer, or any season for that matter, you can never go wrong wearing a kilt that will give you maximum comfort without sacrificing style. Kilts are perfect for any occasion, day or night, and are never boring.

For the best handmade utility kilts, do check out our range of Ozkilts® Utility Kilts and take advantage of our multiple payment options and get free shipping for every order.