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How to Select the Perfect Kilt for Your Lifestyle

by | Apr 14, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized

If you want to wear a kilt for whatever event, or occasion, it’s not just a kilt that you are buying. You have decided to cast aside mundane trends and venture into something bold and liberating.

There is no need to ask why you would need a kilt for, regardless if you will be wearing one for a classy dinner, traditional wedding, or highland games. Perhaps you simply want a kilt that you can wear anywhere and everywhere.

Knowing what you exactly want and looking for in a kilt will help you choose the best one that will suit you and fit with your lifestyle.


Kilt Selection

Kilt selection is important as it is the kilt that will help you exude your personality. There are different types of kilts, in different weights, as well as sizes. It is not just the kilt itself that requires so much attention, but the selection of accessories is also of high importance.

Using a kilt without the proper accessories is like having a body without a soul. Accessories are of high import to create a magical impression of the kilt.


The Standard Utility Kilt

How to Select the Perfect Kilt for Your Lifestyle by Ozkilts Utility kilts are made from heavy-weight cotton and are designed to be durable and hard-wearing. These kilts come mainly in plain colours. There are also styles that come with colour accents, including tartan, and feature several pockets, making them attractive to those who need or like to keep a good deal of stuff with them.

No offence to men who still avoid wearing a kilt. Some think it won’t suit them, and it does not fit their body type. Or the wrong opinion of some people that it’s a girlish attire, but not anymore.

A utility kilt makes you stand out on almost any occasion, formal or informal, and makes you look classy. Utility kilts are designed to provide maximum freedom of movement and so comfortable you will never feel trapped wearing one.

Apart from that, they do come in different eye-catching colours you can choose to suit you the most according to your shirt or jacket.


Workman Utility Kilts

Workman utility kilts are perfectly designed to be adjustable to your size for a better and more comfortable fit while working. It is constructed with 100% cotton, with a khaki front apron and pockets.

A great kilt wear you can have is Ozkilts Workman Utility Kilts that also come with an upgraded leather strap fastener system, for a secure and comfortable fit.

Workman utility kilts provide excellent airflow, manoeuvrability, and you can comfortably move, while looking awesome even when doing work, now isn’t that amazing?


Active Utility Kilts

You would still look great even during strenuous activities, while wearing Active Utility Kilts while jogging or hiking. They are designed specifically for extreme comfortability while actively moving.

Active utility kilts feature box pleats, which hold tighter than standard knife pleats, and allows for further movement while offering superior comfort and flexibility. This kilt is great for active people on the run while saving the wearer from accidental unwanted exposure.


Deluxe Utility Kilts

Deluxe Utility Kilts come in standard knife pleats and come in various colours you can choose from. These are best worn to casual occasions, semiformal events, or running everyday errands.

They are adjustable and come with a leather strap system that allows for adjustment for a perfect fit at all times, as compared to traditional kilts that use the buckle hip fastening method.


Choosing the Kilt that Suits You

How to Select the Perfect Kilt for Your Lifestyle by Ozkilts Utility kilts are a classic form of men’s apparel that you can consider as a blessing to your wardrobe. The name itself is enough to understand that the utility kilt is a substitute for regular trousers.

Utility kilts are designed according to the wearer’s convenience and provide a multipurpose apparel that can cover you from the weather and environmental elements. They are rich fin benefits with multiple usages, making them the most versatile form of apparel in your wardrobe.

Men and women can both wear utility kilts. In contemporary fashion, you will find a wide variety in utility kilts that you can choose from. Your taste of fashion will not be questioned any more thanks to the evolution in the fashion industry.

It is good to know that utility kilts are no more confined to any specific culture. People love to wear them, and yet look modern.



It is no rocket science to add kilts to your wardrobe. All that’s needed is a complete guidance on how to properly wear them and getting the perfect fit, the first time. It’s not uncommon to see the uninitiated to wear pleats in front, instead of wearing them at the back. But once you get familiar with its use, it will not take a lot of time to be your go-to wear.

Though not set in stone, selecting a kilt style that goes with your personality and the events you attend to is important. Take your time in picking the right kilt because we assure you that you will be getting a lot of attention at the next gathering you attend.

Choosing the right kilt is a perfect representation of your personality, it can be challenging in the beginning, but not impossible at all. Isn’t it amazing that today, you are not bound with a traditional kilt, but you can actually select what type of kilt you want to wear.