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Hi bud, do you mind me asking where your kilts are made?

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Frequently Asked Kilt Questions

OZKILTS are designed and tested in Australia. We have 2 “Stitch Masters” in Australia that we use for local customisation, sample creation and basic repairs (in house stuff like samples and testing of modifications).

In order to manufacturer our garments, we partner with a Professional Kilt Manufacturing Company whom are based in Pakistan, our accessories are made for us to our specifications from relevant manufacturing partners in both China & Pakistan. Our manufacturers make kilts and accessories for us based on our very specific design specification documents that have been prepared by a qualified and highly trained fashion designer. OZKILTS is a trademarked brand and while our designs may seem similar to others, there has been years of work optimising our designs, fabrics and notions, that the competition and ‘copycats’ simply dont have. We go through rigorous sampling, fabric testing, quality assurance testing, notions testing and are constantly tweaking our design specs in order to ensure the highest quality product. These are no toys, and the customisation is overseen by a formally trained, and highly skilled fashion designer who specialises in hard wearing gear.

We find this combination allows us to scale production, and test designs locally, while working with our Stitch Masters overseas to provide quality and affordability for Australia, America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and for our other International Customers. The last time I personally made a non-OZKILT purchase, it took over 7 weeks to get to me, we aim to do much better than that at OzKilts no matter where you are in the world!!

We aim to be totally transparent about our manufacturing process and aim for ethical and quality manufacture. Don’t let the locale fool you, we have searched high and low for clothing manufacturers, sourced quality materials, and spent a huge amount of time and resources modifying designs, sampling and re-sampling as required for durability and comfort. We have chosen a special high quality cotton stretch fabric that no other Kilt Makers are using, combined with Vegan Friendly Faux-Leather.

This process is ongoing, it’s what’s on the ‘inside’ that counts, we are always looking for ways we can improve the quality, comfort and durability of our product and take feedback from our customers VERY seriously.

This business is something I’m quite passionate about, as I wear Kilts myself daily! I am quite particular about the quality of our brand, website, and our product.

Traditionally Kilts would cost somewhere in the range of 500-1500$, and we aim to continue ensuring that our Kilts offer extraordinary value!