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Get Hiking in a Kilt

by | Jan 13, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Hiking is a fun in itself. It is also liberating, compelling you to leave all your worries behind and live every moment. Adding to the fun and enjoyment is your hiking gear. While hiking teaches you to survive on bare minimal, clothing is a basic essential that you would not want to part with on a trail.

Get Hiking in a Kilt by Ozkilts While hiking pants have been the traditional garment, kilts are fast rising to competition. It would not be exaggerating to say that kilts have started replacing hiking pants and shorts. The level of comfort, hygiene and range of movement that kilts provide is fast making the garment a preferred hiking gear.

If you are planning hiking this season, here are some reasons why trying a kilt would not be a bad idea:


Increased Airflow

With their skirt-like design, kilts offer more room than pants or shorts for your sensitive anatomical space. This ensures that you get enough air when on a strenuous hiking session. This is particularly useful when the weather on your hiking trail is hot.

Pants or shorts usually leave your inner area drenched with sweat, which is uncomfortable and irritating. Wet clothing also restricts your movements. Skin rubbing on skin results in abrasion in the groin and thigh areas more often than not.

With the generous airflow of a kilt, problems of sweat and wetness are removed. A kilt gives you the comfort of dryness and uninterrupted movements.


Better Hygiene

Sweaty, undried areas, especially the groin and thigh areas, can breed germs. Increased ventilation offered by a kilt dries up the wetness quickly, and removes risks of germ-breeding.

You can even go commando, which translates to wearing nothing under the kilt, if you are confident of maintaining your modesty with people around (especially while sitting). This results in even more ventilation for your inner areas.


Improved Range of Motion

The wider design of a utility kilt gives generous space for a range of movements. You can walk swiftly, take huge strides, sit, squat, stand, or assume any position without any piece of clothing sticking awkwardly to your body.


Stylish and Practical

Kilts are available in different colours, styles and patterns. Choose models that come with pockets so that you have enough storage space to carry essentials. Explain your requirements to the seller so you get a kilt that matches your hiking needs.

Try a utility kilt on your hiking this season and give yourself one more reason to enjoy the outdoors! Gift yourself a utility kilt from our store.