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Four Awesome Utility Kilts for Men

by | Feb 23, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

The good old kilt is making a rapid comeback, and how! This traditional garment is becoming a preferred wear for any occasion, and for all seasons.

Four Awesome Utility Kilts for Men by Ozkilts Whether it is a celebrity looking to make a style statement on the red carpet; a corporate executive seeking a professional look; a construction worker requiring a rough yet modern clothing; or anyone wanting to sport a casual yet trendy wear, the kilt is game for all purposes.

If you are looking to bring the all-purpose kilt into your life, here are 4 awesome utility kilts from Ozkilts that you may want to try.

We are a leading maker of quality handmade kilts. An Ozkilts kilt is made of high-quality fabrics and materials. We bring to you a wide range in style, make and comfort levels, and offer free shipping as well, which is why the kilts are very popular across Australia.


Common Utility Kilt

The Standard Utility Kilt is the most affordable range of kilts from our range. Combining style and comfort, the kilt is ideal if you are looking for a trendy costume at a reasonable price. Kilts in this category come in different colours, including black, brown, khaki, navy blue and Army green.

The standard kilt features a buckle-type fastening for the waist. So, you can wear it at a low-waist position or waist-position, comfortably.


Deluxe Utility Kilt

If you are looking for that perfect waist fit, the Deluxe will surely impress you. This kilt features a proprietary leather strap design that ensures a perfect fit every time. A stylish range, Deluxe kilts are made of pure cotton and come with sexy “knife pleats”. The leather strap lends a timeless appeal.


Versatile Utility Kilt

If you want great functionality, the Versatile Utility Kilt is a must-try. Available in several colours, the Versatile kilt features 100% cotton fabric, and lots of D-shackles, chains and removable pockets. D-clip fasteners are made of heavy-duty materials to ensure durability and high usability. The overall make ensures a great degree of comfort in movement.


Hybrid Utility Kilt

If you are looking for variation in colours, the Hybrid variety with its dual colour pattern must impress you. Made of 100% cotton, this kilt in available in Black-Red, Black-Orange, Black-Grey, Black-Light Blue and Black-Purple combinations. Other notable features include a leather strap that lends an accurate fit, and super-comfort level.

A well-made stylish kilt can be a cool alternative to sweaty trousers. Try the Ozkilts kilt look today, to look and feel great!