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Famous Austrian Fashion Designer Showcases Kilt on Magazine Cover

by | Jan 5, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

The kilt was a creation of the Scottish Highlanders in the 16th century. As the male skirt started gaining prominence, it became the chosen garment for the Highland regiment in the British Army. It later received applause from British aristocracy, which catapulted the kilt to royal status.

Famous Austrian Fashion Designer Showcases Kilt on Magazine Cover by OzkiltsApplauds for the kilt have only increased over time. It has found its way into the lives of celebrities, fashion experts, trend setters, style admirers and common men.

The latest in the series of recognition for the kilt is its appearance on the cover of the Summer/Winter 2016 issue, and Winter issue 2015, of celebrated Austrian fashion magazine RETTL & FRIENDS.



Founded in 1868, RETTL owns a rich history in dressmaking and fashion. The company evolved over the years, defining new trends in fashion, to become a compelling brand in the world of fashion. Today, RETTL is a fashion giant, influencing millions of fashion lovers globally.


Kilt on the RETTL Cover!

The kilt is seen gracing the cover of the latest RETTL & FRIENDS issue in style. The male model is seen wearing a kilt in rich navy blue with a belt tied around the waist. The kilt comes with a generous pocket on the left. An attractive multi-colour stripe design is seen on its left border. This kilt is super-hot!


A Proud Moment for Kilt Lovers and Makers

The kilt has had its loyal followers, and continues to charm wearers. Being on the RETTL covers is a proud achievement for the garment. It is an evidence of the increasing popularity and the undeniable style quotient of the kilt. Kilt lovers and those in the business of making kilts can rejoice more now.

A fashion magazine of the stature of RETTL, recognising the kilt, should put the voices of sceptics, critics, mockers, and naysayers refusing to accept the fashion sense of a kilt, to rest.


Experience the Evergreen Kilt

Apart from its never-fading stylishness, a kilt is also a practical clothing that can be worn to office. In fact, modern kilts that suit a range of professions, including highly rough and tough construction jobs, are available.

A speciality of kilts is that they take on the required form – they are as graceful and stylish as corporate attire as they are as a rugged and sturdy wear for heavy-duty jobs. Kilts are available in woollen, leather, and 100% cotton varieties as well.

Whether you are a kilt lover, naysayer, or a curious onlooker, try a unique garment from our kilt store, and you won’t be disappointed!