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Confidence in Different (Kilt) Colors

by | Feb 18, 2021 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Oh hi, didn’t see you there.

I’d like to welcome you in taking your first steps in getting a utility kilt. You might be researching here because you think that getting a kilt is weird, and you wanted to get some confidence in wearing one since it’s a wee bit uncommon in present day.

Well, I have some good and bad news for you.

Bad news first. Yes, people still think that kilts are a bit strange.

Good news. Who cares what they think? Normal is overrated anyway. What matters is that you do you. As far as utility kilts are concerned, all you need is confidence, and that can only be found in you.

The funny thing is, normal is subjective. Some people think that playing video games is weird, some think tinkering with your car and meeting up with friends in car shows is weird, and some people think that watching anime (Japanese cartoons) is weird. Whatever you do, someone will think you’re weird. So why care at all what other people think.

Here’s the better news. Yes, there is better news. You are not alone. YES there are a lot of us here and since we all have a passion for wearing what is basically thought of as a skirt then us kilt wearing folks are unconventional in the eyes of normies. That’s pretty understandable since not everyone has been exposed to kilts before and that means that…


Utility Kilts are Uncommon

Confidence in Different (Kilt) Colors by Ozkilts Kilts are an unconventional clothing item in modern times. You can blame patriarchal society, history, fashion, just time passing by, whatever. You don’t see them much in your day-to-day life, unless you live in Scotland or work with kilts like us, lol.

That’s why it’s so fascinating when you see a fellow wearing one of these articles of clothing out in the wild. To some they’re an oddity, an object of mockery, to people like us, they are awesome.

There is a bright side. While kilts are nowhere near mainstream. They are becoming more of a fashion statement. With celebrities like Obi Wan Kenobi (disguising himself as an actor called Ewan McGregor, but we know better than falling for his Jedi tricks), Vin Diesel, and Kanye “Yeezy” West (A yeezy branded kilt…. Hmm), who have been seen rocking the tartan or a variant of the traditional kilt.

Due to it being a fashionable item, utility kilts have slowly started making their way to the public eye. It’s still very uncommon in most places, mind you, but they are there, especially in more fashionable places in town, or your Irish pub. You’ll still be eye-catching, but you won’t be “that kilt guy” anymore. You’re definitely not alone anymore.


Kilted Clan, ASSEMBLE!

We coined up the term the Kilted Clan because no matter where you are in the world. If you’re wearing a kilt, then you have a place where you belong. We all come from different backgrounds and heck we all have different hobbies, but we all have something in common, we love kilts, and that’s enough for us.

The things with kilts, especially our utility kilts, is that we have a different one for different purposes. Just like Iron Man’s armour collection in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not all kilts are created with the same purpose in mind.


Utility Kilts for Every Occasion and Personality.

The fun thing with not giving two shiz about what people think, so long as you don’t hurt anyone, is that it gives you a lot of leeway to express yourself. You can tailor what you wear to how you feel. What makes you feel comfortable, what makes you feel good, what makes you feel powerful? Wear what you want.

Enter our premium Utility Kilt Range offerings. We offer 2 general kinds of utility kilts. One is a knife edge pleated kilt, the other has a Box pleat design.

The knife pleated kilts are akin to the more traditional Tartan kilts. While the box pleated design allows for more comfort for the user. The box pleats also holds tighter than knife pleated designs. It’s easier to move in, that is why they call this style the military box pleat, because military kilts have used this design.

Both kilt ranges use a heavy-duty cotton and have our fastening system that improves breathability compared to the woolen tartan fabrics of traditional kilts, while keeping our kilts for maximum comfort and giving our kilts the perfect fit without resorting to the cumbersome and less comfortable, traditional hip buckle system.

We offer different utility kilts for different occasions. For us, our knife pleated kilts, we like to think, are for a more dressed-up occasion. This is the reason why we keep our retail kilts mainly in black.

You can’t be more formal and neutral than the colour black.   If you’re fashion conscious, you would know that it’s easier to match your outfit when they’re neutral colours.

For more everyday use. Our Box pleated kilts hits the mark, built tough, so you can take it wherever you want, all while keeping you cool and refreshed.

We have different models of our utility kilts, perfect for your use, be it if you’re just hiking, partying, hanging out with your mates, or to more intensive activities like Tradesman’s work like carpentry, blacksmithing or if you’re a flame performer. Yes we have kilts that are fire-resistant, it’s pretty awesome, actually.

Now, you might ask. What if you want something else not in our retail product offerings? Then it’s your lucky day.

We offer kilt customisation. With an almost infinite combination of utility kilt designs, patterns, colours and features, all you have to do is contact us here at The only thing is that currently we only accept customised orders for bulk orders of 5+ kilts. So this might be the perfect time to convince your mates to get kilts of their own.

Confidence in Different (Kilt) Colors by Ozkilts

Squad Goals

A utility kilt is an awesome way to bond with your mates. Especially if you all root for the same team. (Go Sportsball Sports team!!!). Think about it. You and your mates want to get kilts. But you have no reason to get one for yourself.

Brainstorm!!! Why not get matching kilts to support your favourite sports teams? Just throwing out the ideas there. Not saying anything (hint hint) but… if you and 4 other mates order a matching set of kilts from us, we can do pretty much any colour combination you want to match your favourite team.

You want camo pattern kilts? No problem. You want them in your team’s colours to match their jerseys? Easy. The sky is the limit with the customisability. Contact us for more information.

A utility kilt is more than just an article of clothing. To some of us they’re a symbol of freedom, uniqueness, and belonging.

Join us.

The Kilted Clan is always open.