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A Kilted Footy Season

by | Sep 15, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized

In most sports, a team (or individual) scoring the most points wins the game. This cannot hold more true now that Aussie rules or footy finals season is upon us.

This event is one of the most anticipated Aussie sporting event as we all have a long weekend beginning on a Friday, declared a public holiday in Victoria, where we get to witness and/or join in the Grand Final Parade and see Grand Final teams join the cavalcade from the city to Yarra Park at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The past two years has been challenging for the AFL, but with a return to normality post COVID-19 restrictions, people yearned to return to footy rituals and routines.

This return to normality is a welcome change and preferred by most AFL fans. What this means is, we will again see more people at the stands, cheering their favourite teams on. This also means we get to see people in various get-ups, the make-up, the crazy hats and hair and wigs, and of course, kilts.


Kilts and contexts.

A Kilted Footy Season by Ozkilts Scotland’s kilt is one of its most iconic symbols. It used to be that kilts could be found on men win very few contexts. Probably, the most common context you see men in kilts is a formal occasion. In a sense, one might say the kilt was often worn in context where one might find men wearing tuxedos.

Other contexts for kilt wearing were the military kilted regiments, bagpipers, men who work in the tourism industry.

The utility kilt has appeared in exhibits alongside traditional kilts, where several differences were noted. There are some that are not made of wool, some with pockets, and some with fewer pleats. A television program in the US called Forged in Fire showed several blade smiths wearing leather kilts, as well as, some judges.

While some smiths in the program had Scottish ethnicity, some did not. And they were asked about their use of heavy leather kilts and aprons and the heat they might generate. 

Their response is that the leather protected not only against sparks and hot metal bits, but also heat from the forge. They argued that the kilts were cooler than wearing pants because the air circulates under them.


Kilts at the footy.  

More recently, the wearing of the kilt has shifted and is now found in more contexts than before. A great example is that, many men now wear kilts to footy games.

Though we admit that these kilts are usually not of the same quality as the more formal kilt and are somewhat less costly. But the underlying factor is, men are now comfortable wearing this piece of clothing where a multitude of people can see them as they cheer on.

Euro 2020 got quite a stir and controversy when the tartan army “invaded” London in kilts to support Scotland’s football clash with England. Note that this was at the height of the pandemic. Fans gathered at Leicester Square ahead of the match wearing kilts and Scotland shirts, waved flags while chanting, singing, and playing bagpipes. 

London got an education in knowing what Scotsmen truly wear under their kilts, as many of the “invaders” proudly showed their “tackle.” They brought a party atmosphere to the city, and in a way, their 20,000 strong army, helped in London’s economy during the duration of the games.

On a more serious note, it is fast becoming a norm in sports events, where fans can be seen wearing their favourite team’s top sports jerseys and wearing kilts. Is it to make a statement? Perhaps, but it can be more, and in a more practical sense.


Ease of movement.

It will be crowded, for sure. The physical comfort of wearing a kilt is unmatched. You will be able to move and assume any position as you cheer on, be that sitting, standing, jumping, or even squatting.

Compared to pants, getting into several positions at a moment’s notice would mean there would be no need for awkward clothing adjustments.



Being in a crowded environment, airflow is sure to be a problem that can also add to restricted airflow with ants. In no time, you’ll feel hot and sweaty down to your legs and groin.

Kilts offer generous airflow, giving you better comfort that will be even more pronounced on crowded events during the footy finals.



Set yourself apart with utility kilts in traditional to modem patterns, coming in a range of style and colours. You can choose from Ozkilts® 100% handmade cotton kilts for maximum comfort and style.

Our kilts also comes with detachable pockets where you can keep be bag free, yet have somewhere to carry your wallet, car keys, phone, and other small essential items conveniently.


In conclusion.

A Kilted Footy Season by Ozkilts Australia is a nation of sports lovers, and the AFL is the most powerful sporting code that enjoys the largest support base and well attended by Australians. What better opportunity to see and be seen wearing a manly kilt than in a sporting event where strength, and prowess is being displayed right there on the field.

It is also an opportunity to join in on the heightened excitement while cheering your team on in comfort and style on the stands. With all the craziness around, and the crazy outfits and looks, being in a kilt during the event is nothing short of being normal.

But don’t just take our word for it, go out and try it for yourself, go to the AFL in an Ozkilts® Utility Kilt, and add to the experience of being a true Australian sports fan.