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Traditional Kilts Vs. Modern Utility Kilts: Its Differences and Which One is Best For You

by | Oct 29, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Traditional Kilts Vs. Modern Utility Kilts: Its Differences and Which One is Best For You by Ozkilts If there are two things that can be associated about Scottish people, they are football and kilts, hands down. While most people living outside of Scotland think of kilts as simply a plaid skirt that men wear during traditional events, there is in fact more to it than meets the eye.

This article is written to help you decide which kilt might be best for your situation.

The first thing to know, especially if you are a newbie, is that, there are two types of kills. First is the traditional Scottish kilts – those kilts that do not have any pockets and do require certain accessories like sporran in order for it to work properly.

The other type of kilt is a modern utility kilt, or simply called utility kilts, which do have pockets and are worn by modern men. Modern utility kilts have different types of things going on with them, which make them quite a bit different from what traditional Tartan kilts are. Let’s go ahead and analyse the differences on each one.



Traditional Tartan Kilts usually possess symbolic designs that have been utilised in the early years. For starters, the traditional kilts have a front apron and back pleats.  The apron is about 4 to 16 inches wide and covers the front area of the legs; one side of the apron has fringe ending, which makes the black pleat stand out. The reason for using back pleat was because it uses more fabric to keep the body warm in cold weathers.

Modern utility kilts, on the other hand, are made to attend the utility needs of modern men. Usually, the apron at the front is about 10 inches wide and ends in the middle of both legs. Some utility kilts also go with cargo pockets, most of them detachable, to carry your stuff while doing all the man’s work. Additionally, you can also find bling, buckles, buttons, and hooks to improve the overall look of your kilt.



When you go back to its history, Tartan Kilts are greatly associated with countries like Scotland and Ireland. As a matter of fact, during the early days, each tribe had its own Tartan kilt fabric. And since there are more than a hundred tribes that have lived in those countries, the same reason as to why there are about 100+ Tartan Kilt designs at the moment.

Modern utility kilts, however, are kind of an advanced form of the traditional Tartan Kilt, which is made up of different materials and styles, made to perform various functions. You can see utility kilts that are made from fabrics such as faux leather, denim, polyester, and cotton. These types of kilts do not have necessary history behind them.


Kilt Fastening

Traditional kilts during the ancient times were fastened with fabric that’s usually of the same colour. But nowadays, a traditional Tartan kilt comes with adjustable leather straps for its fastening system. Commonly, they come with two leather straps; one on each side, which can be fastened with each other.

The same strap style is done with most modern utility kilts – two leather straps on both sides used as fastening system. That’s where Ozkilts stands out from the rest. We do have Velcro Fastening System with flex pleats as well as Leather Fastening System, both offer adjustability for a perfect quick fit.



Traditional kilts’ history is as intricate as its patterns. It involves the tedious process of using fabric and a needle without involving any machine in the process, as they are handmade.

While some processes of making modern utility kilts are done by hand, the majority of its manufacturing is usually made with the help of machines. But this is what sets us apart at Ozkilts, because all our utility kilts are quality handmade from 100% cotton to ensure comfortability and utility any time of the day.



Both Irish and Scottish people used to have a Sporran – a traditional Scottish pouch that performs the same function as pockets or purse, along with their belt to carry their stuff. It is because traditional kilts do not have pockets.

On the other hand, modern utility kilts have large detachable cargo pockets on either side for maximum utility.


Traditional Kilts Vs. Modern Utility Kilts: Its Differences and Which One is Best For You by Ozkilts Are you Ready To Enter the Kilt World?

These are few variances between Traditional Kilts and Modern Utility Kilts. We hope that these facts must have cleared your all doubts about both of these kilts.

We are here to back you up in your journey in choosing the kilt that best represents your personality and utility needs. A wide range, high-quality kilt selection is available depending on your preference. Maybe you want to feel like a rocker for today, and by tomorrow, you are going to a barbecue, whatever your need is, we have a kilt for you.

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