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5 Top Tips in Taking Care of Your Kilts

by | Sep 1, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

You may not know it, but a kilt is not just another ordinary piece of clothing. Kilts have long been associated to Scotland, and its popularity has since spread all around the world. As one of the most popular types of clothing, many people wear kilts in attending various occasions such as weddings and birthday celebrations, or as casual wear to everyday activities at work or during backyard barbecue, just to proudly show off their heritage.

5 Top Tips in Taking Care of Your Kilts by Ozkilts To keep the tradition alive, it is a common practice of people to hand down traditional kilts from one generation to another. But that would only become possible if they make sure that kilts are treated with the utmost care.

You don’t want to walk around with a kilt that has faded colours or stains on it, right? Thus, before purchasing a kilt for yourself, it is important to know how to care for it properly.

No matter where you are, or what your situation is, you need to be sure that your kilt should always be in excellent condition. So, with that in mind, to retain your utility kilts’ colour, shape and fit, we would like to share five (5) top tips essential in maintaining the great quality of your kilts.


1. Keep Your Utility Kilt Dry

After a full day of wearing your utility kilt, there may be several reasons as to why the kilt may feel a little damp. You might have been very serious fixing your car, or maybe the weather condition was not as cool as you have anticipated.

It is imperative that, regardless of the situation, that after using your kilt, you let your kilt dry thoroughly before storing it. Do not treat your kilt like your regular shirts and pants.

Just shoving it into your closet will not help because a kilt must be stored the right way in order to retain its shape. Besides, mildew can set in if you do not properly dry and store your kilt. You do not want to pull out a mouldy kilt, do you?


2. Do Not Wash It Too Frequently

Utility kilts do not need to be washed as frequently as compared to other clothes that sit close to or hug the body. Moreover, soaking your kilt can ruin its colours as well as its fabric. This will vary depending on your use, but often simply hanging your kilt to air will be sufficient to ensure it’s ready for use again.

In the event that you soak your utility kilt, what you are going to do is to lay it flat to dry, and not hang it up. Before storing it, a good flip is needed to make sure that both sides are evenly dry.


3. Use Kilt Hangers

Let us clear the general misconception that you can hang a kilt just like a woman would hang a skirt. That is totally incorrect.

Instead, you should invest in a specialised kilt hanger that will keep the ideal shape and prevent creases from forming. At Ozkilts, we provide utility kilt hangers, which are a strong, sturdy hanger designed specifically to hold our kilts.

Each hanger contains four (4) heavy-duty holding clips, with rubber protectors on the ends to ensure that kilts will never slip off, and to help prevent damaging of the fabric.

For more information, you can click this link:


4. Dry Clean It

You might want to wear a kilt when attending weddings, or crashing friends’ backyard barbecue. But in events like these, your kilt cannot avoid getting stained. You must keep your kilt as clean as possible.

Dry cleaning is the best option in cleaning your kilt, but if it is not possible, you can follow wash care instructions to make sure the kilt is not dirty or stained.


5. Wear Your Kilt with Care

The fabric your kilt is made out of is absolutely durable. However, your kilt’s fabric may be susceptible to rips and tears if your home or workplace has sharp edges, or perhaps you are in the middle of a forest for your treks. Rips and tears can also be caused by not properly using kilt pins, and buckles and straps.

If you detect the smallest rips or tears on your kilt, do not wait to turn it into a bigger problem. Contact your tailor as soon as you notice something wrong to get it mended immediately, or bring it to the attention of your business where you purchased your kilt.


Ready For Your Kilt-Care?

Chances are, maintaining your kilt is something that seldom crosses your mind, but taking care of it is a crucial yet simple task in helping it to look its best. With the top tips we mentioned above, you now realise, it’s really not all that difficult, is it? For more information about taking good care of your kilt, you can visit this link: