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Why We Don’t Sell Cheap Kilts

by | Jul 8, 2021 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Remember the glorious time back a couple of years ago when people lined up for hours to get a plain white shirt with a red box printed on it with the word supreme on it? Remember those days before we were all trapped in our houses and inside our minds. Good times… Good Times.

The thing with the Supreme box logo shirt (yes, it’s called that. I was today years old also when I learned about the term)

Why We Don’t Sell Cheap Kilts by Ozkilts The thing with Supreme was that it wasn’t super expensive if you get it from their retail stores directly. It’s at the Reseller market where things go absolutely “Nucking Futs”. The same goes for other luxury items like Yeezy’s and limited sneaker drops from Nike and other shoe manufacturers.

The thing with these brands is that due to economies of scale, their production costs are considerably lower than smaller manufacturers. Lower price for labour, production, and equipment, that comes with being a huge company. If these companies have a low production cost, why are they expensive. That all comes down to their brand.

Since these items are limited and expensive as heck in the reseller market, what’s a trendsetter with a tight budget to do? Well, a lot of cheap “reproductions” of these items have come out. Funny thing is that this doesn’t only happen to the big brands like Nike, Adidas, LV, etc. This happens to kilts as well.


Cheap comes at a price

Boy… That was a long Segway just to say that there are cheap kilts floating around in the global market. As for us here at Ozkilts we don’t sell cheap kilt facsimiles. Nor do we rely on brand recognition to inflate our prices. Our kilts are definitely not cheap, but there are good reasons for that.


Cheap Clothes cost you more

Our kilts are on the pricey side, but a built-in function that comes with that price is an increase in durability.
Quality comes at a price. This comes double with smaller companies like ours. We’d rather put out a quality product and let that do the talking for us.

With Kilts, durability is a really important factor. Kilts are basically a long piece of fabric wrapped around your waist.  Now the thing is, with cheap fabrics is that a lot of the time they are thin and shoddily made. I mean, if you’re going to be wearing a kilt, we suggest going with the one made from the tougher fabric. Ripping your kilt is the last thing you want to happen when out and about.

It’s really not a secret that better-made items cost more. And the better they are made, the longer they will last. It’s not uncommon to see some t-shirt you bought off some flea market to last just a couple of months. It might rip, the colour might fade, or the fabric might just wear out. From the stitching to the fabric, to the colouring, and fittings with a lot of clothing items it’s rare to see a mass-produced cheaply made shirt, last the test of time.

There is a term called “cost-per-wear”. It’s an equation where you break down the cost of a piece of clothing every time you wear it to how long you’ll have that piece of clothing. Confused? It’s pretty simple. Cheaply made clothes usually are cheap, but you can only wear them for a short amount of time. While better-made clothes are more expensive, but you can wear them for far longer than cheaply made clothes. Usually, the clothing that has a higher price but lasts longer wins and is cheaper in the long run.

With expensive clothing, they are also usually made in very limited quantities, so the Quality control on them is much higher since the person making them spends more time on one of the pieces. Thus, more care is given to it, making it much more durable.

You really do get what you pay for.



Kilts are inherently comfortable. They give you the breezy between you kneezy. If you spend a lot of time in our kilts, then comfort will be a big factor. To us, comfort should be broken down and classified into 2 variables. Fit and Feeling.

Fit is how well… The kilt fits you. With clothing at higher price points, you expect it to fit you well and not cause you any discomfort. This is why tailored clothes fit you the best while one size fits all, the worst. Nobody wants to wear clothes that fit you horribly. For our kilts we have a proprietary way of measuring what size you would need to get the optimal fit, then we offer different kinds of fastening systems to give you that perfect fit. A perfect fit like that would almost never be possible with cheap products because they only care about churning out as many items as possible.

For feeling, we get back to the fabric used. For kilts, this is a huge thing because traditionally you don’t wear anything underneath a kilt. This means the type of fabric that was used in the making of the kilt is very important. Make it too rough, and it’s chafe city to everything underneath. Luckily, we invest in fabrics that are not only tough, but comfortable as well. That’s why bedsheets with higher thread counts are so expensive. They feel more luxurious, soft, and smooth while still being durable. Our kilts are like that, comfortable while still being durable.



Why We Don’t Sell Cheap Kilts by Ozkilts At the end of the day. We sell kilts at a higher price because we want to offer you the highest quality we can give without breaking the bank. We want to give you a sense of satisfaction that whenever you wear our kilt you can be sure of the fit and feel of it all while giving you the confidence only a high-quality piece of clothing can bring.

They say a quality outfit will make you look better, have more confidence in your appearance. This holds true in the world of kilts. It’s already an eye-catching fashion statement to wear one, so might as well elevate that to the next level in getting a high-quality one that will last.

We don’t sell cheap kilts because we don’t want to short-change anyone. Our goal is to bring Kilts to the mainstream, and selling bad quality ones will not help us achieve that goal. How about looking at our Utility Kilts and see our definition of quality.