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Why Support Australian Businesses?

by | Oct 13, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized

So much has already been said and still being said about why Australians should support Australian businesses, and for good reason. The primary consideration is that by supporting Australian businesses, we get to keep money from seeping out of the country for imported items.

Keeping the funds internally makes for money that fuels our local economy and keeps on circulating and create jobs, increase the government’s tax revenue, reduces the cost of welfare, and so much more.


Contribute to the increase in the production and quality of a specific product.

Why Support Australian Businesses? by Ozkilts There are an excess of valid and qualified reasons for individuals and businesses to support Australian businesses over offshore alternatives. Apart from the primary reason stated above, an obvious reason is that when we support Australian businesses, we contribute to the increase in the production and quality of a specific product.

This fact is not alien to us here at Ozkilts®. It has been the dream of our founder to share his love for kilts all over Australia. However, there were no quality suppliers of utility kilts back then. And we have extensively sourced out suppliers that can cater to our standards in executing our designs.

Our search found that items sourced from overseas are not only expensive, but the majority are poorly made and will not pass Australian standards. Adding to this, there will be a long wait time for these inferior (often mass-produced) items to reach the buyer.

This frustration has fuelled our determination to produce kilts that would not only look good, but be proud of wearing. Triumphantly, our determination paid off. The Ozkilts® brand is now known as a producer of quality utility kilts with a range of designs and styles to choose from.


You get the quality you pay for.

Australian businesses are known to produce some of the best products in the world. This is not surprising, due to the fact that Australian products are subjected to stringent safety and quality standards under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Additionally, each Australian purchase come with automatic guarantees that protects consumers.

Though it may be true that imported products also come with warranties of their own, but trying to cash in on these guarantees can feel like chasing one’s own tail. On the other hand, buying local means your guarantee can be availed by only a simple phone call.


Made by highly skilled hands.

Another advantage in supporting Australian businesses is, you are assured that what you purchase is made by highly skilled individuals who are professionals in what they do. This may mean that the product may be individually assembled, and a high level of care and expertise is put in place in the manufacturing process.

At Ozkilts® our utility kilts are designed and tested right here in Australia, and we have highly skilled stitch masters based abroad who employ their artisan skills for local customisation, sample creation, and repairs. All our designs are created by a highly qualified and trained Australian fashion designers.

Needless to say, we at Ozkilts® don’t sell cheap facsimiles or mass-produced kilts. And although we are proud of our brand, we don’t rely on brand recognition to inflate our prices.


You take advantage of our home-grown expertise and skills.

Locally owned and operated businesses have a vested interest in finding out how best to serve you. Buying from fellow Australians goes with an assurance that they have your best interest at heart.

When you support Australian, you are also contributing and encouraging trade skills to be passed on to the next generations. Keeping trade alive within our shores means these skills gets passed on and improved, enhancing better products and outputs.


You save time and money on deliveries.

Supporting Australian businesses means the proximity works to your advantage as a buyer. When you buy local, you get to receive your items faster than ordering a similar product that is produced overseas.

On top of the time saved, you also save money since domestic shipping costs far less than overseas shipping. Add to that, you will be also contributing to lessening the use of energy and reducing carbon footprint.

We at Ozkilts® has gone one step further and do away any delivery fees. That’s right, all purchases on Ozkilts® range of quality kilts gets delivered to you free of charge, wherever you are in Australia, or in the world. Except for some remote areas and/or if you choose express delivery, where you are charged a nominal fee.


Thinking globally.

Why Support Australian Businesses? by Ozkilts Looking at a bigger picture, we Australians are an imaginative and clever people. We have helped in the development of so many products and services that are used today, worldwide. To cite a few:

      • Wireless Internet
      • Google Maps
      • Cervical Cancer (HPV) vaccine

With the capability across a wide range of sectors and areas, there is a strong possibility that a home-grown Australian firm can help solve business problems or fill gaps in supply chains.

Australia is fast being known to create and manufacture world-class products and services across many industries and sectors. So you can see that when you go Aussie, you are not just adding to a ripple effect that benefits Australia, but can potentially help make a splash that reaches far and wide.

All these companies started out small and have achieved big things. Buying from an Australian owned and operated company makes a lot of sense.

Before deciding on a specific purchase, do take a few minutes to consider where your money will go. We at Ozkilts® for instance do value customer feedback, for in this, we get to feel the satisfaction our customers get from the purchase of our products.

Buy Australian, and make it a conscious effort to support local businesses.