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Why Kilts Are Better Than Shorts

by | May 14, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

We all have our preferences when it comes to clothing. At Ozkilts, our preference is kilts! But if you ask the average person on the street, they might say that their preference is shorts over pants.

We think this might be because no one has introduced them to kilts yet.


Kilts Offer More Room

Why Kilts Are Better Than Shorts by Ozkilts It’s so hard to find a great-fitting pair of shorts that isn’t too tight. Guys just don’t like being restricted in their movements. Athletes and beach-goers need even more room than the average guy.

And you can’t wear your hiking shorts everywhere! More often than not, they look out of place.

Kilts give you plenty of room.

A kilt has pleats where you need them most. What’s more, kilts don’t need a belt to stay up. So you not only get more room around your thighs, you get more room in the hips too. All the better for tossing the caber in. Or playing volleyball in! Whatever the game may be, it’s better with a kilt.


Kilts Offer More Style

Shorts are an easy, laid back way to get dressed. But they lack a ton of style. It’s likely that the loudest and proudest pair of shorts you own are your board shorts. And you know how it is when you try to wear those everywhere.

Kilts are the more stylish of the two options.

You can wear them everywhere. They can be work wear quality or just something to hit the pubs in. No matter what you are doing in them, kilts offer an edge over shorts due to the pleating and the way they fit.

There are no odd creases, “riding up”, or too-tight belts when it comes to kilts. You never have to worry about hitting just the right length. Perhaps best of all, kilts have drape and flow.

They move with you. They sway a bit, but not too much. The fabric has decorative curves and folds in it, rather than errant creases. Kilts and your confidence are a great duo!


Kilts Offer a Wider Variety of Styles

Why Kilts Are Better Than Shorts by Ozkilts The variance in styles is simply limitless when it comes to kilts. You can find kilts in dress or utility styles. But there are so many types of each that you could wear a different kilt every day.

A dress kilt is one that you might wear to show in a pipe band. They come in tartans or other fancy fabrics. A utility kilt can be made of tartan also, but it is more often made out of a solid fabric that is easier to care for than a wool tartan. Common fabrics are cotton duck or twill.

All in all, kilts are addictive once you start wearing them. They provide so much more ease of movement than shorts. You can even play sports in them. They are great for hiking or fishing in as well.

Check out Ozkilts online for a selection of utility kilts that will fill out your wardrobe. There is something for activewear, workwear, the pub and more!