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Why Kilt Hangers are a Must Have

by | Feb 16, 2023 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Your kilt is an investment, so naturally, you’d want to keep it looking at its best for as long as possible. A kilt that is well taken cared of can potentially last a lifetime, and possibly even longer.

A kilt is a special piece of clothing and deserves proper care, the same level of care you would give to a set of formal suit or dress jackets.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of traditional woollen kilts being passed on from one generation to the next, still looking bright as if they are new. Today’s modern utility kilts are now made from various materials such as: cotton, polyester, denim, leather, faux-leather, and more.

Similar to a traditional kilt, a utility kilt will retain its colour, shape and fit if they are well taken cared of. And it is not all that difficult.


The Utility Kilt Hanger

Why Kilt Hangers are a Must Have by Ozkilts Your regular clothing can be simply folded and stored in a drawer or closet, but kilts cannot be accorded such simplistic storage practice. Even though the most common material used in utility kilts is cotton, it can still be susceptible to environmental damage if they are stored improperly.

If you have never tried to hang your kilt using a skirt hanger, don’t bother, it just won’t work. We are talking here of a kilt’s considerable weight. A simple skirt hanger will simply not suffice. 

If there is one thing that is an absolute must that you should have if you have kilts in your wardrobe, it would be a utility kilt hanger. A brilliant quality kilt hanger will keep your kilt in a nice and perfectly straight position.

Kilt hangers are specifically designed to hold kilts through heavy-duty clips with rubberised protectors, ensuring that your kilt will not slip off or damage the kilt fabric or leave any marks when stored.

Ozkilts® Utility Kilts Hangers have been developed to ensure that they will fit inside any normal-sized wardrobe and most garment bags. Your kilt is secured with 4 four chrome clips that can hold up to two kilograms easily.

Using a kilt hanger helps in keeping your kilt crease and wrinkle free. We recommend any kilt owner to use kilt hangers to keep your kilt perfectly intact and ready for wear. 

A kilt hanger will keep the pleat straight and the apron smooth. When travelling, it is possible to hang two kilts from the same hanger since it is sturdy and strong enough to handle the weight. A plus factor is that they fit nicely in garment bags for added kilt protection.


Caring For Your Utility Kilt

Kilts are an investment that can last for a long time if they are properly cared for. By ensuring proper care, you can increase the service life of your kilt dramatically.


Air Out Your Kilt

Before you store your kilt, always ensure to air it out thoroughly. Outside on a bright day is best, just make sure not to air it out on direct sunlight to prevent it from fading and causing the fabric becoming brittle. All fabric do eventually fade, but you can take precautions to delay the process considerably.

It is imperative that you let your kilt dry all the way before storing it to prevent mildew to set in. This becomes more critical if for some reason you go months between uses.

After airing out your kilt, putting a garment bag over it before storing is a smart move. It aids in keeping the material straight, crease, and wrinkle free. Additionally, it will prevent moths and dust from spoiling your kilt.


Keep it Clean

If you are one who wears kilts on a regular or even on a daily basis, you need to keep your kilt as clean as possible.

If you accidentally spill something on your kilt, we recommend patting it dry with a damp, lint free cloth rather than rubbing it. You may also try using baby wipes. In some instances, you may use a spot cleaner; however, ensure that the cleaner is enzyme-free.

To be safe, before using it on the front side of the kilt, test the spot cleaner on the inside of the kilt.

Of course, dry-cleaning your kilt is necessary every once in a while, but you don’t have your kilt dry-cleaned after every wear. Dry cleaning use solvents that may dry out the fabric and become brittle over time, so it is best to dry-clean sparingly.


Avoid Soaking Your Kilt

It is not advisable to add your kilt to a regular wash, since soaking it can potentially ruin the fabric and fade its colours. Additionally, it could take forever to dry out, and it would be a big mistake to toss it in the dryer.

If for some reason that there would be a need for you to soak your kilt, once you are done, lay it flat to dry and not hang it up. You will also need to flip it over to make sure that the other side dries evenly before storing it.

NOTE: If you have to soak or wash your kilt, avoid using fabric softeners. There are fabric softeners that contain decreasing agents that can soften out the creases in your kilt’s pleats over time. Ozkilts® materials are designed to offer a good medium between soft and hard weighting to ensure your kilt’s pleats remain sharp and intact.


Ironing Your Kilt

Why Kilt Hangers are a Must Have by Ozkilts Before you iron your kilt, we would recommend you inspect it well to have an idea where all the pleats stand naturally.

When ironing, use a cloth layer in between your kilt and the iron, and ensure the iron is not too hot. Never iron over emblems, and any materials of the kilt other than cotton. 

For additional information on how to properly care for your utility kilt, do visit our Ozkilts® Utility Kilt Care Instructions.

Your kilt is made from very durable fabric, but it will still need proper care for it to make your investment last. The use of Utility Kilt Hangers is just one of the best practices you must adapt to ensure that you will be able to store or transport in pristine condition prior to wearing it again.

At Ozkilts® we provide a range of utility kilts that will suit your personal style. We also provide Utility Kilt Hangers that will help you store your kilt and keep it looking its best.