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What is Our Kilted Clan and What Makes it Special!

by | Jun 29, 2023 | All About Kilts, Categorized

For the Kilted Clan, a kilt is not just a piece of clothing. Wearing a kilt is also a lifestyle statement that is spreading across the globe, albeit slowly, but surely.

So, what makes a kilt so special? Well, we can simply provide you a list to tell you just that. But where is the fun in that? We at Ozkilts feel it would be better to dive in and explore deeper what makes this piece of apparel so intriguing. Furthermore, what it means to wear one and be part of a kilted community.


A Kilt is an Attention Grabber

Are you attending a wedding? Going to a formal occasion? How about a themed party? Sports or music event? Regardless of the occasion or event, a kilt is a natural attention grabber.

Just like with most pieces of clothing, it sure is a great feeling that you stand out from the crowd in wearing your kilt. By our standards, if you’ve put on a kilt, and get a bit of attention, then we call that being well-dressed.

What is Our Kilted Clan and What Makes it Special! by Ozkilts The ease, elegance, and individuality of new and high-quality kilts has gained for it a gain in popularity. The modern utility kilt can be worn to add style and elegance in whatever occasion, event, or activity you participate in.

Additionally, utility kilts, owing to their utility and versatility, freedom of use and its convenience in wear over any dress are also available for casual wear. Can you say the same for a piece of standard clothing that is in your wardrobe right now?

Furthermore, the modern utility kilt’s design does not vary all that much from its predecessor. It still conserves the design that still allows freedom while retaining modesty.

It is interesting to note that the utility kilt is no more a symbol of any culture but, it is undergoing a kind of renaissance. Not only that, but it has become a fashion statement for the modern man who loves to stand out from the crowd in an unconventional style.

With kilts, you never have to worry about looking dull. A kilt has far more personality than a pair of shorts or pants. Putting a kilt on top of almost anything does not really matter too much. You’re pretty much done with getting dressed as soon as you put on your kilt.


The Kilted Clan

A clan is a group of people that is united by blood or a feeling of being kin. Interestingly, clans predate many forms of formal government and forms of community.

Joining the kilted clan, on the other hand, is more than just being in a group that has kinship or familial bonds. It’s true that members may not be related by blood or affinity, but they are bound by their love for wearing a kilt.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the desire to belong to a group. Belonging in a group brings with it several surprising benefits.

What is Our Kilted Clan and What Makes it Special! by Ozkilts

The Benefits of Belonging

Though there is nothing wrong with flying solo. Individualism also brings with it a level of personal fulfilment. However, research has shown that a sense of belonging, moral support and being part of a community offers:

    • Security – People feel a sense of security when they know there are others around them who shares similar interest, goals, or aspirations.
    • Self-esteem – Being a part of a group gives a boost to feelings of self-worth. The feeling of being needed increases this sense of self-worth and esteem.
    • Status – Inclusivity in groups give an air of mystery, especially for those viewing the group from the outside.
    • Friendship – You increase your social circle by meeting regular people from all different walks of life that are centred around common interests.

Humans have an instinctive need to belong. The general feeling of acceptance provides an added boost to our self-esteem, which generally results in a more confident and self-assured attitude.


Joining the Kilted Clan

What is Our Kilted Clan and What Makes it Special! by Ozkilts It is pretty easy to join the kilted clan. It is not even required of you to get your kilts from us at Ozkilts®, but we would appreciate it a lot if you do. Ozkilts® is an Australian-based kilt company. Our kilts are handmade with highly durable cotton stretch material.

All it takes is for you to love kilts and the lifestyle that comes with it and connect with us on our Social Media, and that’s it. If you are contemplating on joining the kilted clan, we welcome you with open arms. We are sure that you will love kilts as much as we do.

You can rely on Ozkilts® to help you find the perfect kilt to match your individuality. Our range of kilts is perfect for any special occasion or activity. With our utility kilt range designed by a professional workwear designer, we give men (and women) the freedom to express themselves.

Wear your kilt and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, and share your pictures and your experiences when wearing your kilt. And if you are looking for high quality and durable utility kilts, look no further than Ozkilts®