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We’ve Been Featured on YouTube!

by | Apr 2, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

We are very proud to have received a detailed positive review on YouTube from the Bearded Berserker. His speciality is beard and craft products, and he is a kilt-wearer like us!

He goes in-depth to provide a behind-the-scenes look at our kilt design. We are proud to say that he was admiring and glowing in his review. He loves the kilt and the quality, down to our logo.


We’ve Been Featured on YouTube! by Ozkilts by Ozkilts The Big Stuff

The Bearded Berserker decided that Ozkilts was solid on the big stuff. We’ve got heavy-duty fabric that is easy to care for.

He couldn’t believe what he got for the price point. We are happy to say that we have started to offer free shipping since his review was posted, so you can subtract shipping from the total.

He bought in Australian dollars. You can now purchase in U.S. dollars on the website as well.

Our seams are solid at Ozkilts. We’ve combed the manufacturing world to find a reliable sewing outfit with quality production. There are no loose seams or hanging threads on our kilts.

The kilts wash beautifully, as the Bearded Berserker noted in his review. They don’t show wear or colour fade due to washing in hot water. Even better, they don’t fall apart completely like some goods do.

The d-rings and fasteners on Ozkilts are a quality metal. They also aren’t too big, too heavy or too small.


The Nice Stuff

Everyone appreciates nice packaging. The Bearded Berserker is quite the connoisseur of quality, if you ask us. He noted our fancy hanger with rubber fabric protectors and heavy metal clips.

Ozkilts come with a plastic storage bag that has a nice flap and fastener on it. The tags are beautifully done in Kraft paper, and they feature our contact information. Whether you have a question or need assistance, we are just a call away.


The Small Stuff

The people and the kilts are hard-working at our shop. We think we also got a bit of luck when it came to our logo. After all, quality logos are hard to come by. Our talented and inspired designer created a symmetrical design that looks authentically Celtic.

The Bearded Berserker loved it so much that he asked us to put it on the actual kilt instead of one of the detachable pockets. Duly noted!

We are very proud of our product at Ozkilts. We are totally flattered by this review and encourage you to check out the Bearded Berserker on Instagram. See the full YouTube review here.

Ozkilts makes a range of beautifully crafted utility kilts. Visit our online shop to find a kilt that fits your lifestyle.