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Wear Your Kilt Proudly

by | Apr 30, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Everyone deserves to look good and feel good in the clothes they wear. Some people may have a devil on their shoulder when it comes to wearing one article of clothing over another in the heat. They may feel obligated to ascribe to one theory over the other. If you ask us, we’d go for kilts any day.

Kilts are ancient. They have clothed men for centuries before pants became commonplace. Yes, kilts were in fashion even before jeans became tight. Kilts represent masculinity in their own pleated, perfectly fitted glory.

Wear Your Kilt Proudly by Ozkilts

Especially if it is a Utility Kilt

Utility kilts are the ultimate work wear. They are easy to move in, full of pockets and not too freaking hot. Whether you toil in your garage or over a forge, you should wear your kilt proudly. It’s a sign that you are a busy man. A working man is in need of comfortable clothing, always.

That comfortable clothing will remain a kilt for us, no matter the weather. But hot weather is a good excuse to try a kilt, should the need for one arise.


Exercise Your Independence

Wear that kilt all you want. Yep, even wear it to cocktails. A man should dress with good taste, and a kilt is always in good taste. It’s fitted properly, made of great fabric and makes you look more buff than you do in shorts.

Exercising your fashion opinion should be a reason for your friends to celebrate. If they don’t celebrate your kilt, you should probably show them your other kilts.

That way, they can find out how many kilts you really have.

Good friends don’t let friends wear clothes that make them feel sad inside. Help your friends get to know you better. Wear that kilt proudly.


Show Off Your Unique Style Wear Your Kilt Proudly by Ozkilts

Some days, shorts and jeans are just too bland. A kilt shows off your personality better than the old cargos. Something about more fabric just brings a bit of fancy to the outfit, we think.

There are so many kinds of kilts that you could wear a different one every day. This is due in part to the fact that a kilt takes any one of a huge variety of fabrics. Tartan, cotton duck, wool, twill…the list goes on. If you love variety in fabric, then a kilt is the choice for you.

You should always feel well enough to express yourself in fashion. We’ve never heard of anything bad happening due to kilt-wearing…because wearing kilts is awesome!

But sometimes people need a little help getting their closet started on the right foot. They might choose what everyone else chooses out of shyness or anxiety.

They might be a tad afraid that others will stare too much. Furthermore, they might worry that, in fact, they should care what others think about their clothing.

No worries! If people don’t have the great taste that encompasses kilts, they shouldn’t be advising you on fashion matters.

Check out the Ozkilts range of very fashionable kilts online. There are some neutral types and some not-so-neutral types to make sure you stand out of the crowd the right way.