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Utility Kilts and Camping

by | Apr 16, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

The wilderness is calling you! You know you want to take your kilt on the next adventure. Few things are more rugged and primal than camping. But a kilt is a pretty good competitor. Utility Kilts and camping go together like cheese and bread, if you ask us.

Kilts should definitely be on your camping packing list. While you might not want to take your fancy tartan out on the trail or in the woods, there are a few utility kilts here at Ozkilts that could make your next camping list.


Utility Kilts and Camping by Ozkilts How to Pick Out a Camping Kilt?

First off, a kilt that you want to take camping shouldn’t be too lightweight. You will want something that can stand up to the rugged outdoors and the errant stick or thistle. Just like you would choose a tough pair of jeans, pick out a kilt on the heavier side.

Always choose an easy-care fabric. There are tons of sap and bugs in the woods, and you want your kilt to clean up easily. No one wants to miss out on an adventure because they have to keep their clothes clean.

So pick a kilt that can take a good scrubbing and some serious detergent. Our kilts are 100 percent cotton, which can take the hottest water and the toughest soap.

Grab a kilt with some pockets, since you’ll at the very least want bug spray, hand wipes and a pocket knife for emergencies. Of course, the average camping trip requires a lot more than those things. But having those items in a nearby pocket is a better option than burying them in your bag.

Decide if you want to go more camouflaged or more neutral, and stick with a colour that works well for your agenda. Remember that you may have a harder time sneaking up on animals in a super-bright kilt, although they are fun. Conversely, you may want something bright if you are leading the group and need to be visible.


Are You Insanely Active While Camping? Still Take a Kilt!

Some people go all-out with activities when they camp. Treehouses, zip-lining, fishing and other feats of nature might all be on the agenda. You might be wondering if you should take a kilt if you plan to do things like this.

We say yes, with one stipulation: bring an activity kilt. Ours is made in flexible fabric. You will find that these activities are actually easier in a kilt, as long as the fabric offers some leeway.

For one thing, your legs have more room in a kilt than in pants. For another, the fabric on an activity kilt is definitely more forgiving than most denim and even many sport fabrics.


Are You More the Quiet Type?

Even if you don’t plan on doing extreme sports while camping, we think kilts are much more flexible and relaxing than jeans or cargos are for this activity. If you plan on getting some fresh air or are more of the type to man the campfire, kilts provide a comfort that just can’t be beaten.

Remember to pack the right kilt for your journey. Some days you need to stand out. Other days, you need a more neutral kilt. Pick a tougher kilt if you know you’re prone to extreme camping activities, and relax in a lighter one if you’re not.

Ozkilts makes tough kilts in both neutrals and bright colours. Choose a utility kilt from the Ozkilts range whether you plan to go zip-lining or just hang out by the campfire.