Sizing yourself for a Kilt shouldn't be a chore, and will only take usually a minute. However, it is important its done right so you get a good fit the first time.

Before we get into the 'HOW'....

(Note: We don't usually offer refunds or exchanges for incorrectly sized orders, so make sure you measure up correctly!)


Sizing yourself for a kilt is a simple and quick process. Firstly, you need to understand a Kilt can be worn in two main ways. On the waist/hip (like a pair of jeans or shorts, 'comfort fit'), or at the belly ('traditional fit'). Most modern Utility Kilt wearers these days seem to prefer wearing them at the hip, as this is what they are most used to when wearing other clothing, but either way is fine. We do recommend if your wearing our Deluxe Kilts you give the hip position a try, as we feel this offers the greatest comfort, although, its really up to personal preference.
measuring tape small

For best results, a cloth measuring tape is best used (picture above), if you don't have one of these, a peice of string, a belt, or something similar can be used very carefully, then measure the length that it wraps around your waist using a ruler or normal tape measure. Again, if not using a cloth measuring tape, be VERY CAREFUL you measure accurately, we suggest you do a couple runs (even with a cloth tape) in order to ensure you have got the right measurements.

1. Comfort Fit: (Waist/Hip Measurement)

 kilt size guide comfort fit


2. Traditional Fit (Belly Measurement)

kilt size guide traditional fit