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Using Kilt at Work Every Day

by | May 4, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

The kilt is no more a costume of the Highlanders alone. The garment has pervaded into the fashion world, and has made it its own. A kilt is now a captivating dress for all occasions. And a work day is not excluded. The modern kilt, with its range of style, colours and utilities, is fast becoming a cool office wear.

Using Kilt at Work Every Day by Ozkilts Not sure if a kilt would be a suitable office wear? Here are some reasons why you should give the kilt a try:


Fashion Statement

Though kilts have been around for several years, the attention and adulation have increased exponentially over the years. Today, kilts are worn for red carpet occasions, on ramp shows that proclaim the latest fashion to the world, as a daily or casual wear, and yes, to work too.

With celebrities endorsing the garment with their kilted appearances in the red carpets, the kilt has gained worldwide recognition and admiration. There is a style for every occasion, such as a sports kilt for sports-related activities, and a utility kilt for work or a day at home.


Practical Garment

Kilts are a highly practical garment. They are spacious and offer greater comfort compared to sweaty garments such as trousers. If you are looking for a quality work kilt, consider a utility kilt. A range of options are available in this category.
From stylish kilts to kilts customised to professional requirements, there is a utility kilt for every purpose.


Useful Features

Modern kilts come with a range of useful features, which extend the practicality of the garment. There are pure handmade cotton varieties, and kilts with:

      • Reflective colour strips – a useful feature for those in security profession
      • Heavy-duty fabric design such as a khaki apron, metal buttons, and fasteners, for people working in rougher environments such as a factory
      • Flexible components such as removable apron and pockets for use as per demand. For example, if your work involves many tools and devices, you could consider a utility kilt with several detachable pockets.
      • Use the Leather strap fastening system to help you realise a perfect waist fit


      • Use the Velcro and Comforter Fastening system for quick fit and comfort in high activity jobs
      • A range of colours and looks to make an impression at work

More and more workspaces are now welcoming the kilt. Whether you are a real lover of the kilt, a fashion enthusiast looking to experiment the kilt look, or a fashion sceptic, a kilt is worth a try. Ensure though that you buy your kilt from a reputed professional to experience the real style and comfort of the garment.