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Tips for Short Men Wearing Utility Kilts

by | Dec 9, 2021 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Utility kilts are fast becoming popular among men. Kilts are a great option for people who choose more freedom and mobility while working or at play, without being constrained by the typical cargo or tactical pair of pants.

We do have many and kilt styles now and with features that it may be overwhelming to decide which kilt will give you the most bang for your buck. Kilts also provide you with that awesome manly look that people will not get enough of.

Of course, the choice/s you make will largely depend on the type of activity you do or what style you want to put across. But, there is one caveat to this, that is stopping you from getting and wearing one, you are not that tall.

One question that pops to your mind is how can a man exude an aura of manliness and confidence if they are vertically challenged? Will it even be appropriate to wear a kilt if you are not that tall. The answer to this is a definite – YES!


Kilt Sizes

Tips for Short Men Wearing Utility Kilts by Ozkilts Kilt sizing is not the same as a pair of pants. Kilts offer adjustable fasteners that allow you to fit into them. It is important to keep in mind though that with kilts, traditionally, the waist sizing is taken along the midriff rather than the lower waist, as opposed to the common pair of pants.

Apart from waist sizing, modern utility kilts also come in different lengths to choose from. Traditionally, Scottish kilts are indicated to be worn above the kneecap, though the amount of coverage you need is really all up to you. Just as long as the utility kilt is working for you and your purposes and protecting you where you require it, all any other thing is secondary.

Let’s face it, not all men (and women) are blessed with height. People in general come in many heights, from very short to incredibly tall.

Normally, the length of your kilt drop depends on how high you want to wear the kilt on your waist. Kilts are typically worn to the middle of the knee caps. Measuring kilt length, the wearer should kneel and have someone take a measurement from where the top of the kilt will sit, down to the floor.

Where you wear the kilt is entirely up to you, and it is down to your personal preference. You need to understand that a kilt can be worn in two main ways, so you will need to measure for one of these. For the ‘comfort fit’ you can measure on the waist/hip like a pair of shorts or jeans, or at the belly for that ‘traditional fit’.

Most modern utility kilt wearers today prefer wearing utility kilts at the hip, but either way is fine. Here at Ozkilts®, we do recommend that if you are wearing our Deluxe Kilts, you give the hip/waist position a try. We do find that wearing it this way offers the greatest comfort, but again, it’s really up to your personal preference.


Modern Utility Kilts Fit is Different

To get the recommended measurement, we should go no higher than the hip-bone to the top/mid-knee maximum. This is done so that when the kilt is worn loose and off the hip, it does not fall or become too long. 


Waist Measurement

For the perfect fit, WAIST measurement should be taken in-line with your hip bones. The fit should be firm, but not too tight. The general idea is that it should work out similar to your trouser size. It may be relatively more for a larger man and lesser for a slimmer man.

Make sure that the measurement should not be too loose, as you do not want your kilt to fall down. Since the kilt sits a bit higher than regular trousers, this measurement will more than likely be bigger than your trouser measurement. 


Seat Measurement

To get the perfect feat for the SEAT size, the measurement should be taken around the widest part of your hips, or your bum. Stand with your feet together and cross your arms so that they are not in the way of the tape measure.

Take the measurement from the widest part of your hips to ensure that you have a bit of room to allow the kilt to swing.


Length Measurement

As for the LENGTH, measurement should be taken from the top of the hip bone, this maximum would be in-line with your navel. Next, find the top of the knee cap, you should then be able to push in, and take it just a little past. Do not look down or bend your knees to prevent an incorrect measurement.

Tips for Short Men Wearing Utility Kilts by Ozkilts This next tip is important in determining the proper kilt length. Generally, the proper length of a kilt is a third of a man’s overall height. For example, if you are 6 feet tall (182.88 cm), a third of that is 2 feet = 24 inches or 60.96 cm. The length should not be more than a third for the hipster fit.

Perhaps the biggest area of concern for short men is if they would look good wearing a kilt. Absolutely! Another tip that we can give you when choosing your kilt is to not get one that is too long. Kilts do look fine when worn by shorter people – just make sure also that it is all fitted properly, as there is a bit less room for error than with people of average height.

Of these three vital measurements, the length of the drop of kilt is what determines the appeal of the overall look, regardless of a man’s height. The following basic guide above should provide a handy cross-check of height to anticipated kit length. But do not panic if you don’t correspond. There are men with long torsos with short legs or vice versa.

Regardless of height, the kilt drop should not go past the knee. The typical length of a kilt should fall slightly above or in the middle of the knee cap. And to get the proper length do not try to measure yourself, ask someone to do it for you.


To Wrap Up

If you are a man of short physical stature, it is not a reason for you not to be part of the kilted can. Regardless of your height, you can look manly and fabulous in a kilt. Choose among Ozkilts® range of quality handmade Utility Kilts and enjoy free shipping.