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The Many Benefits of Working Kilts

by | Jul 9, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Working kilts are an important feature in some garages. Whether you woodwork, work on the car or tinker with machinery, you probably want to be comfortable. You might even want to…dare we say it…stay cool while looking fashionable.

Is it too much to ask for from your clothes? Not if you’re wearing a kilt!


Stay Cool

The Many Benefits of Working Kilts by Ozkilts Men are notorious for becoming really overheated when they work. Well, they can’t help it if they are burning up from all that manly labour. But they can cool off in a kilt, right?

Besides not having pant legs, kilts come with extra pleating on the sides. The pleats add flexibility and some legroom. Heck, you could probably even do a couple yoga poses in a good active kilt.

Men everywhere should be taking advantage of the way kilts fit around the hips. Ours come with adjustable side straps. These kilts always fit you perfectly, so things don’t sag too much or wrap your entire torso up in pant fabric that is way too warm.


Stay Comfortable

The things that make kilts cool also make them comfortable.

But we think kilts are easy on the mind too. There’s just always a ton of fit issues when it comes to pants. They might be too long. They might look like a dated item due to the cut. Furthermore, they might wear out at the cuffs with use, making the pant length uneven.

Kilts tend to stay in better shape, since the hem is knee-length. You don’t have to fuss about the cut, as kilt cuts are classic. Pleating never goes out of style.

It’s always great when a garment hits you just right at the hips. Somehow, kilts always work in this department. They sit right where they should, and they stay up thanks to the side straps.


Stay Inspired

The Many Benefits of Working Kilts by Ozkilts When it comes to kilts, you never have to worry about looking drab. Kilts have way more personality than pants or shorts.

It really doesn’t matter too much what you put on top of a kilt. The job of getting dressed well is pretty much done as soon as you put your kilt on.

Kilts come in a range of colours. The development of industrial fabrics has provided a lot of alternatives to tartan.

Many people prefer black when it comes to modern fabrics, because it’s a great neutral. But it isn’t the only option. Bright colours have a place in your wardrobe too!

Having some colour and texture in your wardrobe really helps you to stay inspired while you work. If you needed any more reason to try a kilt this time of year, think about what you are trying to accomplish in the shop. Going independent with your style may just be the boost you need to optimise at work.

Ozkilts makes a range of kilts that are suited to working in the garage or working out on the trail. Check out our 100 percent cotton kilts in a variety of fabrics to keep you inspired while you work.