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The Best Kilt for Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 6, 2020 | All About Kilts

The Best Kilt for Valentine’s Day

Getting dressed for Valentine’s Day can be fun. It can also be a little nerve-wracking, depending on the importance of your date! What can we say? Sometimes it’s good to be a little nervous. Especially if your Valentine’s Day date is the most important one ever.

Whether you’ve just met or are on your fourth anniversary, we’re betting that you will want to wear a kilt on Valentine’s Day. They let your natural personality shine. Which one should you choose?


Dress Up, Always!

It’s always a good idea to dress up for Valentine’s Day. You want to look sharp and put-together. This doesn’t necessarily mean going on your date in a full formal tartan.

Although that wouldn’t be a bad thing, you must remember to match the venue. If you’re not showing in a parade or going to a black-tie dinner, full formal may not be the thing.

So how do you pull off well-dressed and sharp in a kilt without going over the top? It’s all in the accessories and the choice of fabric, if you ask us.

Kilts come in a range of fabrics. Ours are a sturdy 100 percent cotton with a bit of stretch for a perfect fit. Choose a kilt that shows enough formality but also leaves some room for expression.


Three Stylish Options

They say good things come in threes. At Ozkilts, we have three solid choices for a Valentine’s Day date kilt. Our Deluxe Utility Kilt, the Hybrid Utility Kilt, or the Phoenix Utility Kilt are all dressy without going full tartan. They are mostly black, so a shirt with some personality is a must.

These three kilts are the perfect choice, mainly because they are rather sleek, with a bit of colour on two of them.

Overall, you want to look happy on Valentine’s Day even though you are dressing up.

Sometimes in the quest to look formal, we tend to look too serious. If this is you, we recommend the Hybrid Utility Kilt or the Phoenix Utility Kilt. It’s not exactly a “pop” of colour, like they tell women in makeup tutorials, but rather a healthy swath.


Accessories with Style The Best Kilt for Valentine’s Day by Ozkilts

Trying to look studly isn’t easy.

But it just got easier, now that you’ve kilt picked out a kilt.

Now you’ve got to choose a shirt, a tie, and shoes! How do you do this for such an important day? It may be tempting to avoid the accessories hunt altogether and choose a different kilt to go with what you’ve got already.

We say, stash the old standby. Get the right kilt, and then go the extra mile and get the right accessories too. Here are a few general rules. If you really get stuck, take a picture of your kilt to the store and get some professional help.

    1. Don’t wear too much black on Valentine’s Day. Go with a tie that says “cool” rather than “Gotham.”
    2. Wear comfy, polished shoes, so your outlook is cheerful. Nothing too tight or too drab!
    3. Wear a shirt with some character, unless you are going to a black-tie dinner.

Check out the rest of the Ozkilts line here. We offer heavy-duty kilts that will keep you in the garage, out on the town, and on the trail.