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Should You Wear a Kilt in Scotland?

by | May 28, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

You should if you want to, but don’t feel obligated. It’s a dress-up item in Scotland. People wear them at weddings or for musical performances.

People wearing kilts in Scotland stand out as tourists. It’s an invitation for people to come up to you and find out where you’re from. This can work for you if you take the opportunity to let people know that you would love some guidance on what to see and do. You will find that people are eager to give you pointers! With any luck, you’ll even make some friends.


The Choice is Yours

Should You Wear a Kilt in Scotland? by Ozkilts Keeping in mind that you will stand out from the crowd, you should decide to wear a kilt when you feel like making an impression. This might be a good idea if you are exceptionally outgoing. You also might choose to stand out if you want to get into more up-scale places to eat and drink.

A lot of people tend to dress up when they are travelling for the duration of their plane flight. You may find that adding a bit of pizzazz to your day with a kilt might be just the thing to make your long flight more comfortable and more fun.


Don’t Worry About Looking Authentic

If you do choose a kilt, wear something that represents your personality. Don’t feel obligated to wear a family tartan or other heritage item unless you want to talk about it with strangers.

Choose a modern utility kilt if you are planning on wearing yourself out shopping or sightseeing. The comfort of a kilt can’t be beaten, and there’s no need to overdress in tartan for sightseeing. You’re likely to get a bit dirty if you’re really having fun seeing the sights, so wear something that is heavy and easy to wash.


Dress for Comfort

You should choose a kilt that makes you feel comfortable inside and out. If you know that you’ll be in and out of cab seats all day, consider choosing a kilt that doesn’t have too many extra chains on it. Stick with lightweight items, and remove any pockets you don’t want to fill with useful knick-knacks.

Experts recommend that a modern kilt should hit the knee, plus or minus an inch or two. Avoid wearing a kilt that is too long or too short while travelling. People will notice that you’re dressed in good taste when your kilt is the right length.

Pair a modern kilt with a modern-looking shirt. If you’re in doubt about the nicer t-shirts that you own, go with a nice neutral grey or black tee. If you decide to go vintage, try a mocha or tan tee. Matching styles on top and bottom is part of looking put-together. It’s much easier to have fun when you’re looking stylish, especially in a foreign country!

Travelling is always a great way to get inspired and expand your mind. Whether you go to Scotland for the outdoor scenery, the dancing, or the beer, you are sure to have more fun in a kilt. Be prepared for some friendly questions when you wear one.

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