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Rock Your Ozkilts Look

by | Jul 15, 2021 | All About Kilts

Early Scottish great kilts were multipurpose, and they provided excellent protection from variances in weather and the weather. This type of kilt was widespread in use until the 19th century.

During the 17th and 18th century, the small kilt came into vogue. It is a development from the great kilt. It is essentially the bottom half of the great kilt, which consists of a single width of cloth that is worn hanging down below the belt.

Around this time, the Scottish Highlanders that the great kilt was too unwieldy and cumbrous to be worn during work and in battle. This was the reason that the equally distinct small kilt was developed. The small kilt is essentially made of the lower half of the belted plaid with its pleats already sewn in.


Considerations When Buying a Utility Kilt

Below are some important considerations you might want to investigate prior to making your first kilt purchase.


Rock Your Ozkilts Look by Ozkilts Utility kilts are a modern take on the traditional kilt. Since its inception, they were not made with tartan. Today’s kilt manufacturers use various fabrics in making their kilts such as: cotton, cotton composites, denim, or waterproof fabrics to cite some.

Although traditional tartan is beautiful and durable, they are not quite as durable as modern materials. Modern utility kilts are meant to stand up to outdoor and work environment conditions. Often, modern utility kilts have extra pockets for equipment and tools, which may be jagged and heavy, this calls for sturdier materials to be used for their construction.

Ozkilts® Utility kilts are made with 100% Quality Cotton Blends and Durable Blends. This ensures that no matter what style or model you choose from our range of utility kilts, you can be sure you’ve chosen quality kilts that will stand the test of time.



Sometimes, kilt makers feature special accessories that come with a specific style or model of utility kilt that adds to its appeal and adds variety to its use.

A great example we can give you is Ozkilts® Metal Utility Kilts that offers a tonne of Chrome Chains and Fixtures and extra D Shackles. Its features not only give you that tough edgy look, it adds to its versatility since these chains can be detached, yet the kilt still provides the wearer superior comfort and functionality. Add to that, it also features large detachable cargo pockets on either of its sides.

Its Deluxe Kilt Leather Strap System always allows for easy kilt size adjustment for that perfect fit. Further, it is available in a range of colours.


Resistance To Heat

Rock Your Ozkilts Look by Ozkilts For those working in their utility kilt while near heat sources, picking a kilt made of heat resistance materials is your best bet. For this purpose, many manufacturers typically use leather due to its ability to withstand high temperatures without charring.

Effective as it may seem in using leather, it compromises the wearer’s mobility than other fabrics. For this purpose, we offer our Ozkilts® Phoenix Utility Kilts. ‘The Phoenix’ is our line of fire-resistant kilt that is constructed of fire-resistant cotton and with a set of features designed for kilt wearers working in fire risk areas.

This stylish kilt is not only for those working near sources of fire, but they are also built for adventurous blokes who deemed themselves as being too hot to handle.

Its heavy cotton construction is also our recommendation for fire performers for ts Fire-Resistant properties and comes fitted with our Deluxe Sports Kilt Velcro Fastening System, ensuring perfect fit at all times. It also features Flexible Side Pleats for that extra manoeuvrability that leather cannot provide.

Additionally, ‘The Phoenix’ also comes with Large Detachable side cargo pockets which performers can detach and keep out of the way during performances or during high tasks. Not only will you exude that fiery look, but the modern design of this kilt also offers superior comfort compared to a traditional kilt.


Kilt Size

The size of kilts is unique in the sense that it differs greatly from traditional pant sizing, which most people are accustomed to. Modern utility kilts offer adjustable fasteners that allow the wearer to adjust the kilt to fit any size.

It is important to keep in mind that the waist sizing, when kilts are concerned, is also taken along the midriff rather than your lower waist, as opposed to regular trouser sizing.

Add to this, besides waist sizing, there are also different lengths of kilts that are available to choose from. Scottish tradition states that kilt length should be worn above the kneecap. However, the amount of coverage as far as length is concerned is entirely up to you. For as long as the utility kilt is working for you and your purposes, including protecting you where you need it, everything else is secondary.


The Application

The purpose or application for which you will be wearing your utility kilt is also of prime importance to consider when purchasing your first kilt. As mentioned earlier in an earlier section, if you are working near heat or fire sources, it is appropriate to wear a kilt with heat-resistant materials.

There are kilts that feature multiple side and back pockets, as well as accessories such as chains and fixtures. Some are even presented in various colours and patterns. Since these features most definitely enhance the appearance and function of the kilt, you should ask yourself if these features are applicable to your type of work or the purpose you would want to wear one.


Key Takeaways

There are a lot of men out there who would want to exude their confidence and experience the freedom and mobility that modern utility kilts offer.

The most important factor that you can consider is if the kilt will serve your purposes, such as adding value not only for your appearance, but also for the type of work you do. If you want to rock your look, Ozkilts® Metal Utility Kilts may be the one for you.