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Our Favourite Kilt Care Tips

by | Jun 15, 2023 | All About Kilts, Categorized

A good kilt is a good investment, so it makes perfect sense to look after it so that it might last a generation or two. Being an investment, it’s only but natural to keep it looking great as long as possible.

How should you properly care for your kilt? Ozkilts® can store a fair number of kilts at a single time, so it’s safe to say we’re experts on the matter. Read on as we share our best tips.


Storing Your Kilt

Our Favourite Kilt Care Tips  by Ozkilts The most important thing to keep in mind before storing your kilt is to always be sure to air it thoroughly. Outside on a bright day is best, just make sure not to do so under direct sunlight.

Fully air dry your kilt in a warm, airy space before storing it away. Another option if space is not an option, try hanging the kilt in the shower room, but not in the shower.

If you need to store your kilt long-term, we recommend using a high-quality hanger such as Ozkilts® Utility Kilts Hanger. Our kilt hangers contain four heavy-duty holding clips, with rubber protectors ensuring your kilt will never slip off. It will also help prevent damaging your kilt’s fabric, help in keeping its shape and retain its pleating.

If you’re not sure when you’ll wear your kilt again, storing it in a garment bag is a smart move. Not only will it help in keeping the material straight, it will also prevent moths from chewing it up.  

Properly caring for your kilt will not only keep you from having to clean and press your kilt as often. It will also make your kilt last longer. Remember that your kilt is an investment, so treat it like one.


Cleaning Your Kilt

Another factor that plays a crucial role in kilt maintenance is the way you clean it. Like any other piece of clothing, kilts need to be cleaned. However, proper care is needed to ensure they retain their colour and shape. Also, washing your kilt with harsh detergents may not be the best of ideas.

A simple tip we can recommend is to use baby wipes to easily remove stains off your kilt. However, we would advise not to rub it aggressively. You may also use a clean and lint free cloth, such as linen, dipped in warm water, then dabbed on the stain.

Our Favourite Kilt Care Tips  by Ozkilts You may also use enzyme-free stain cleaner. But we advise for you to perform a patch test on the inner side of the kilt. This ensures that a mark is not left on the front of the material.  

If you have spilled something on your kilt, address it immediately. Do not allow the spill to dry on your kilt because it may leave a permanent or semi-permanent mark.

Although, we also do not advise washing your kilt in a washing machine. Heated water and agitation in the wash is not good for your kilt. You may opt for dry cleaning, but make sure that your cleaner is experienced enough in dealing with kilts.

Also, part of the cleaning process for your kilt is ironing. This is done so that the kilt’s pleats sit perfectly on it. Cover the kilt with a lightly moist pressing cloth and ensure the appropriate heat settings on your iron. Apply only light pressure as you iron and allow time to let it cool down once you’re done ironing.


Wear it Carefully

Typically, if you opt to wear a kilt for formal occasions, it would be of little consequence t worry about things like tears, rips, and stains. However, attending more lively events such as concerts, festivals, or sporting events can be a bit more complicated.

With kilts, a significant issue you have to worry about is tearing. Even small rips in the fabric can get worse over time. Thus, if it is possible, avoid activities that can tear into your clothing.

Usually, the most common reason for tears is the improper use of kilt accessories. Be mindful of this since even a small poke on the can potentially ruin the fabric.

If in the instance you spot a tear in your kilt, have it mended immediately. It would be great if you can do this yourself, otherwise, take it to an experienced tailor who knows how to work with kilts.

Kilt maintenance is all not that difficult. While owning a kilt or two is ideal for those who wear them regularly, chances are, many would wear a kilt a few months in between.


Travelling With Your Kilt

Our Favourite Kilt Care Tips  by Ozkilts If you are transporting your kilt in a car, bring it along in a suit bag and hang it in your car’s garment hooks. If your car does not have these, laying it flat on the seat or the boot will work nicely.

In the instance, you will travel by plane, avoid folding a kilt where possible, it is always better to roll it instead. Rolling the kilt will prevent creases and keep the pleats shape nice and uniformed. 

Another plus factor in rolling your kilt during roll travels is that it takes less room than a carrier, but still offers superb protection. Additionally, there will be no need to iron if you rolled it correctly.  

A quality kilt, such as the ones you can acquire from Ozkilts®, is an investment. It is something that should be valued the same way as any other investment. Following the information presented above will ensure you will extend the service of your kilt.