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Kilts Help Male Fertility! No, Really!!

by | Dec 1, 2016 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Over the last 50 years, we have witnessed a supposed alarming drop in worldwide fertility rates. This study has shown that the best way to ensure a healthy sperm count is by wearing garments that keep the genital area at least three degrees cooler than body temperature.

Kilts Help Male Fertility No Really by Ozkilts With that in mind, there’s good news for all the concerned men, and the women in their lives. The saviour is here! And guess who?


If you still cannot imagine this modest and utterly underrated garment as an offering a helping hand for fertility issues, well, read on.


Kilts Boost Fertility Rates

Kilts are no more confined to being trendy garments alone. A study that goes by the title, “Real Men Wear Kilts”, reports the inferences of researchers in The Netherlands. These researchers from Rotterdam’s Erasmus MC University Medical Centre claim that the quality of sperms and fertility rates in men who wear kilts without undergarments are high.

Cooler temperatures make for a better reproduction-aiding environment in men, as sperms thrive in this setting. Adding further to this fact, the Study states that sperm count reaches a healthy score if the temperature in the male genital area is 30C cooler, at the least, than the body temperature.

Tighter clothing tends to increase the temperature in the genital area by 3.50C. In addition, such clothing can cause a reduction in sperm count even in fertile men.

Kilts, on the other hand, help maintain a sperm-friendly scrotal environment, the Study reveals. This results in enhanced sperm production and quality.

Going further, the Study says men planning to start or extend a family have increased chances of success if they wear kilts without any undergarments, at least during the period of conception.


Kilts are Confidence-Boosters too

The Study doesn’t stop there. It reveals that kilts produce prominent psychological benefits too. Men, wearing kilts, tend to have a strong awareness of their masculinity. Second, the attention they attract from admirers is a strong psychological booster in itself.

It’s no wonder that those men dressed in kilts, looking hot, sexy and virile, are a common feature on the covers of international romance novels.

Whether fertility is a problem for you, a kilt is a must-have in your wardrobe. This kilt, which is believed to have originated in the 16th or 17th century, is becoming popular fashion around the world. The modern take on the kilt, often referred to as a ‘Utility Kilt’, offers a range of styles and patterns, making it even more desirable as a comfortable and functional fashion item.

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