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Kilt Con – A Conference for Kilt Lovers

by | Nov 9, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

A kilt fest that celebrates everything that’s tartan and more is surely something every kilt lover looks forward to. Tartan Day is celebrated on April 6 and every year, the growing number of kilt lovers, both old and new, only seems to be adding to the joyous celebration around the globe. In Australia, International Tartan Day is celebrated on 1 July.


Wearing a Kilt at a Wedding by Ozkilts Tartan Day

The Declaration of Arbroath that signified Scottish Independence was signed on 6 April 1320. The earliest of celebrations that commemorated this day was first held in New York in 1982. But the events as we know them today were first celebrated in Canada in the mid-1980s.

The Spanish communities across the world took it up with gusto, and processions that included pipe band parades, Highland dancing and other Scottish-themed events soon became part of the annual events.


How Did It All Start?

Kilt Con may have originated in the United States, but now it is a convention followed around the world. It all started as the brainchild of Rick Baldwin and Cheri Brown, who hosted the ‘Life in a Kilt Podcast’.


Rick Baldwin decided to do something different in celebration of his 50th birthday. He chose to wear a kilt every day for one year. Cheri Brown, the co-host of ‘Life in a Kilt Podcast’, had until this point never seen a woman wear a kilt but decided to try it out.

The year-long experiment was a huge success and featured across social media platforms and in magazines around the world.


So Be Kilt at Kilt Con

The only thing you need to have to participate in a Kilt Con is a kilt. It doesn’t matter whether you are Scottish or not. It doesn’t matter if you have loved kilts for decades, or it is a new-found love. Not only that, but it doesn’t matter if the kilt you own is traditional, modern, punk, utility, tartan, leather, sports, fantasy or from a vintage family collection. All that matters is that you celebrate kilts – either by wearing one or supporting someone who wears one!


Start Your Event

If going to one of the Kilt Cons is not something you can manage, why not start your own kilt event?

In fact, as more kilt lovers support the idea of celebrating National Tartan Day on an international scale, you could definitely find a lot of support and kilt fashion to put together a great event. Go ahead, choose your kilt and start your own kilt celebration!