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How To Pick The Kilt That Was Made For You!

by | Mar 23, 2023 | All About Kilts, Categorized

A utility kilt is a blessing to have in your wardrobe. Since the name is enough to understand the apparel, a utility kilt is the perfect substitute for trousers.

How To Pick The Kilt That Was Made For You by Ozkilts It may not look it, but utility kilts are designed according to a user’s convenience. A utility kilt is a multipurpose apparel that can cover you from environmental elements and the weather.

The great thing about utility kilts is that they can be easily worn at any casual and any other crowd events, ceremonies, festivals. Utility kilts can even be worn in formal events.

No longer are kilts confined to being worn occasionally. However, in today’s world, the influence of kilt wearing has increased dramatically. Both men and women wear utility kilts in contemporary fashion.

If you are really impressed by this evolution of the traditional Scottish kilts and want to wear them, then there are a few things or points you need to keep in mind. Utility kilts are for people who want to wear it for reasons other than just aiming to be different.

Here are a few useful tips that might be of help before you purchase the best utility kilt for yourself.


The Right Size.

Similar to any piece of clothing, picking the right size is the most basic chore one has to do to ensure the right fit. The right fitting clothes enhance your over all look.

Imagine you are wearing a kilt for the first time, sadly you find that what you have is not the proper size for you. It will not, in any way, look all that flattering.

Those who are new and unfamiliar with kilts have a misunderstanding that being a wrap-around garment, it will not require any fitting or measurement. On the contrary, every kilt should be fitted to the wearer’s waist, and it is recommended that they be of the right size and shape.

Knowing your right measurements will help you a great deal in buying a utility kit that is just the right fit for you. One thing we have to insist on is that to never use your pants size when you order a kilt.

If you don’t know how t properly get your kilt measurements, no problem! We have a Utility Kilts Sizing Guide to help you properly measure your size before ordering your kilt. Do check it out.


Fasteners and Length

How To Pick The Kilt That Was Made For You by Ozkilts Many kilts do offer adjustable fasteners that allow you to fit them to a particular size. However, it is important to keep in mind that a kilt’s waist size is taken along the midriff than the lower waist.

Ozkilts® feature leather straps for some models and Velcro fastening kilts. Our Velcro Fastening Kilts offer a bit more granular adjustment, which gives greater flexibility around your hips that works well with our kilt’s flex pleats. 

Besides waist size, the length of the kilt is also essential to put in consideration. Traditionally, a kilt drop should reach above the kneecap, although the amount of coverage is really up to you.

Ozkilts kilts are a standard/average 24 inch (61 cm) drop. This length is appropriate enough even for tall people and also pose no issue. If it is of concern to you, measuring up for drop length is really easy.

Simply stand upright and have someone start measuring from your waist, or on your belly, if you want to wear your kilt from there. Then measure down to the middle of your knee. Alternatively, if you have no one to help you out, kneel on the floor, and measure from your waist or belly to the floor.


Utility Kilts are the Best Choice.

Ozkilts® Utility Kilts are a great option for people who need more freedom and mobility while working or doing any activity without having to be constrained by typical cargo or tactical pants.

At Ozkilts®, we provide different utility kilt styles that are available, and each of our kilts gives you the most bang for your buck. Some of the most lovable features of utility kilts are:


1.  Offers pure comfort.

Ozkilts® Utility Kilts are so comfortable to wear. Being made of 100% quality cotton stretch fabric, it offers unmatched breathability, keeping you cool where it counts.


2.  More room.

Any type of pants, even shorts, can be restrictive. Most men do not realise how much freedom they can get by wearing a kilt. They are perfect for action and working outdoors, giving your legs a greater amount of possible movement.


3.  Best airflow.

Airflow is restricted when wearing pants around the upper legs and groin area. This can cause a bit of discomfort, especially during warmer weather, when the body starts to sweat during work or intense movement.


4.  Fully adjustable.

Pants grip around your buttocks and the waist area and do not allow for natural body changes throughout the day. A kilt can be adjusted in mere seconds, unlike most pants. Utility kilts can also be adjusted for different sizes, so you won’t lose out if you happen to gain or lose a few body weights.


5.  Lots of storage space.

Ozkilts® Utility Kilts are designed to be hard wearing, and tough, and can last for a long time in all working conditions. They feature detachable cargo pockets to accommodate a range of items.

Additionally, you can add hooks, chains, and/or pouches. So whether you are working in or outdoors, most of what you may need can be conveniently carried in your utility kilt.

Although it is not limited to just the options above, a utility kilt will add value to any wardrobe; in fact, it may be the most versatile piece of clothing you will ever own. Join the kilt revolution and visit us at Ozkilts® today.