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How is a Kilt Made?

by | Aug 24, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

So you think a kilt is just another skirt? You are certainly wrong! A kilt is certainly not a skirt, and it is definitely not just another piece of cloth with folds sewn in place. Kilt making involves a lot of patience, experience, hard work and of course, a passion for creating an awesome looking kilt. Here is the down-lo on how a utility kilt is actually made.


How is a Kilt Made? by Ozkilts Choosing the Material

When it comes to making the best utility kilts, we always recommend cotton for the material. Cotton is 100% natural, breathable, easy to maintain and makes for a durable material for kilt making. From textures to patterns, designs and prints, cotton fabric allows itself to be virtually turned into the dream kilts you have always wanted. Carefully selecting the right blend of cotton and other fabrics can improve the comfort and strength of the material further.

Of course, there are other materials too, that are used in kilt making which includes the traditional tartan, poly cotton and calfskin or leather.


Getting the Measurements Right

Every kilt involves a lot of planning and detailing. It is no wonder, we put in so much effort to make every kilt a masterpiece, and it really shows! Measurements and fits are considered carefully. Every fabric and canvas is cut by a master craftsman who knows exactly how the fabric will shape up.

The fabric lining, pleats, pockets, belts, buckles and buttons, everything that is required for the kilt is assembled one by one with perfection.

The waistband, hem and other creases and trims are taken of, in the next step.


It’s All in the Pleats

The most important part of the kilt is the pleats. Every kilt is meticulously measured and sewn into place. After all, the entire design of the utility kilt is dependent on how the pleat is structured.

Matching thread to thread and line to line, the pleats are expertly sewn to give the kilt its perfect shape and fit. Many people mistakenly think that kilts are made up of many strips of material, this is incorrect in most all instances.

Kilts are actually made up of long pieces of material, and then folded, these folds are then pressed and sewn in order for them to keep their crease.


Customised Kilts

Looking for a kilt that no one else has? We can customise your kilts to match your personality and moods. Tell us the type of pleats you want, the design you have in mind and the colour and of course other small details such as number and size of pockets, size and colour of buttons and buckles and anything else that you can think of. If you can think of it, we can make it.

Our wide range of utility kilts and sports kilts gives you a choice no one else does. Still, if you want to get one made-to-order, contact us right away!